All Boy All Girl

All Boy All Girl

Formed in New York City in the spring of 2012 by long-time bandmates Danielle Lovier (vocals ukulele) and Nicholas Rahn (double bass).

The sound is characterized by a strong dual female vocal. Supporting the vocals is an unusual string section that marries folk and classical instruments. Complete with a full drum kit the 7 piece band produces a sound that is reverberant and perhaps analogous to electronic music despite it's composition of acoustic instruments.

"By focusing on unity rather than bombast, and understanding each other's role just as much as their own, the band swoops and swerves and hovers and plunges as a single entity."

"The band is sublime with their compositional arrangements as each song delivers an experience unique within the breadth of that track. My best guess as the secret profound connection to each of All Boy/All Girl songs are the genuine drama, the emotional and the thematic arcs nested in each song, all of which yield great joy and appreciation for each and every one of All Boy/All Girl's creations."

"Ishmael; something something rock band. Weaving strange currents and patterns, three old friends make crispy music in New York City, all while smiling. Ishmael is the only band on Batman's iPod."

Lawn Talk

Lawn Talk is a band of four friends - Rachie, Noah, Ethan and Angus - in Philadelphia. They all went to Wesleyan University, but never ever, ever played music together there. Rachie’s clean vocal melodies fold into indie-pop shimmers, contrasted by scuzzed out trances of screeches, hollers and feedback.

Julia Rainer

Julia Rainer is a Singer/Songwriter who combines her powerful, yet sultry, voice with her Neil Young style guitar playing to create a unique sound. Her lyrics are dark and emotional, and her sound combines folk, soul, blues, and the bare bones country sound of Hank WIlliams.

Julia has been playing and writing music for 12 years. She has played in almost every small venue in Philadelphia, and in many of the surrounding cities of the Northeast. Julia gained her musical experience touring the U.S. playing classic rock covers with the School of Rock. She has accompanied famous musicians, such as Ann Wilson, Eddie Vedder, Marky Ramone, Peter Frampton, and Steve Perry.



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