Seattle R&B indie rock band Pickwick returns to the Rickshaw with their new album. "LoveJoys". It's been four years since the band last released its critically acclaimed LP "Can't Talk Medicine".

Rich Hope and His Evil Doers

Evil never sleeps. You know it. That’s why Rich Hope and his Evil Doers are capping off another year of our Lord with a brand new, blue vinyl, Wurlitzer-ready slab of 7” vinyl for your listening and love-making pleasure sensations.

“I See Trouble”/”Babylon Woman” is a howl of discontent from the front lines of Peak Civilization and a timely word of advice on the topic of where to hide your guns. Hope and drummer Adrian Mack recorded the thing in one balls-out morning session right in front of producer Howard Redekopp’s sound board, fast and efficient, as is their custom. Consider it a gift to the fans, who kept Evil afloat in 2010 through a handful of western Canadian tours and a year of barnstorming hometown gigs – including, on February 20, the busiest night in the history of Vancouver’s fabled Railway Club.

After releasing the album Rich Hope… Is Gonna Whip It On Ya at the tail end of 2009, Hope and his Evil Doers found themselves on the year end Top Ten lists of such esteemed organs as the Georgia Straight and the Vancouver Province. The Georgia Straight also went out of its way to name “Let’s Jump Around” as one of the best homegrown songs of the year, while Hope’s rare venture into gospel-time religiosity “When My Light Comes Shining” received regular rotation on FM stations and landed in the #32 spot of SHORE FM’s Top 100 of ’09.

Meanwhile, the Evil Doers continued their role as party-starters for the likes of James (Super Chikan) Johnson and His Fighting Cocks, while Hope found himself in the unlikely role of Ambassador when the Evil Olympics rolled through Vancouver and “Shake This Joint Around” – from Hope’s self-titled 2005 album – was chosen as the BC Pavilion’s theme song. Being that they’re gentlemen, the Evil Doers naturally turned around and kicked the Olympics right in the corporate assets with unforgettable sets in Vancouver and Whistler.

Hope also found himself accompanying Bad Religion on the main stage at Live at Squamish, after the SoCal punk legends caught a tempest of Evil Doings earlier in the day. When Hope got home, there was a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Best Blues Album sitting there waiting for him. Hard to believe that all this can happen and the man still sees trouble. Will he ever rest??

“I See Trouble”/”Babylon Woman” is released by Sandbag Records on November 20, 2010.

"All the emotions and various images that cross your mind as that black ’67 Camaro approaches in the night. Its gnarling engine and the smell of blood thirsty high octane fuel coming from someplace up there. Do you panic or embrace with eager abandon of what is and what is to come."

Based in Vancouver, BC is the living, breathing, gritty Rock N’ Roll version of this very same scenario and her name is Cobra Ramone and she is jacked up on a blend of grit, Jack Daniels, gun powder, love/hate and Lemmy Kilmister. Driving her old soul bluesy Rock to all points Hell Yeah.

Cobra is backed by Trevor Snakedust (Hammond B3) and Pat Steward (Drums), two musicians who use deliberate tenacity and skill as Johnny did in his epic battle against the Devil to save his soul. Replacing the fiddle with organs, guitars and skins to defeat their adversaries; not sending them packing but keeping them close for perhaps, inspiration. Only this handsome trio knows the truth.

An EP The Flood (2009), A self-titled album (2012) and a new collection on the way February 13th, 2015), I can safely say that it is and will be alright on the sexier, greasier, hard rhythm side of Rock N’ Roll town.”- Walter Price- Global Texan Chronicles

The first single, “Wrath Like a City” from their last album, made it into the top 40 for 5 weeks in the CanadianActive Rock Charts and their song “I’m The One” was featured in the CW TV show “L.A. Complex”. Their song “Guns Blazing” (which was written and recorded in 4 hours, with the help of much whiskey) was featured in the 2014 Corey Monteith film “All the Wrong Reasons”.


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