Charleston Music Confab

Charleston Music Confab

In its first two years, the New Music Confab brought hundreds of artists together with music industry professionals from around the country: managers, agents, promoters, radio and record label executives, sound and video producers, social media professionals and more. The conference offered attendees the opportunity to network and learn from each other, in an amazing city – Charleston, SC.
In 2017, The New Music Confab is re-branded the Charleston Music Confab, as a way to highlight our amazing host city (named for the fourth consecutive year as the country’s #1 Travel Destination by readers of Travel + Leisure Magazine)!

While our name is changing, our mission remains the same: Charleston Music Confab connects the artists with the music industry, giving all the chance to discuss, develop, and discover mutually beneficial opportunities.

By day, more than 50 Music Industry professionals will be giving you invaluable insight into the “business” and answering your questions during 10 New Music Confab Panel discussions.

And by night, artists perform at 3 of Charleston’s most popular music venues, Charleston Music Hall, Music Farm, and The Royal American.

Charleston Music Confab: Where “The Music” Meets “The Business.”

$25.00 - $100.00


Panels will take place August 31-September 2 at Charleston Music Hall.  Shows will take place at multiple Charleston venues August 30-September 2.  

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