Elvis Depressedly

Elvis Depressedly

Weaving melodic but downbeat soundscapes with guitars and keyboards accompanied by manipulated sounds and found audio fragments, Elvis Depressedly was formed in Columbia, South Carolina in 2011 by Mat Cothran, who had previously performed and recorded under the banner Coma Cinema.
The debut Elvis Depressedly release was a lo-fi digital EP, Save the Planet Kill Yourself, which appeared in August 2011 and featured Cothran handling most of the instruments himself. A fistful of Elvis Depressedly releases appeared over the next year, including several singles and EPs Cothran released digitally as well as two cassette albums from Orchid Tapes, Mickey's Dead (July 2012) and Hotter Sadness (October 2012). In time, Elvis Depressedly evolved into a full band with the addition of multi-instrumentalists Mike Roberts (aka Dr. Vink) and Delaney Mills (who was also Cothran's significant other). The year 2013 brought Holo Pleasures, a six-song EP that boosted the group's profile and helped bring the band to the attention of Run for Cover Records. Run for Cover struck a deal with Elvis Depressedly (now based in Asheville, North Carolina) to release the album New Alhambra, which appeared in May 2015. Group founder Cothran also records solo material as Mathew Lee Cothran, and also has an additional side project, Gremlins. ~ Mark Deming

Horse Jumper of Love

JÖHN - bass
Jamie - THE drums
Dimitri- guitar/sings

Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else

I played Spencer Radcliffe (and his experimental electronic offspring, Blithe Field) on my humble college radio show so often last year, hearing new stuff from him kind of feels like getting a letter from an old friend. Or friends, now, I guess, considering the addition of “& Everyone Else” to the project's moniker. With the new syllables comes a new single: “Wrong Turn” is debuting below, our first taste of the Run For Cover-signed collective's new LP, Enjoy The Great Outdoors.

"Wrong Turn" is definitely an exploration in collaboration, an intersecting point on the paths of many. “Maybe we’d enjoy the great outdo-o-o-o-o-ors,” Radcliffe sings, stretching the word out endlessly. The band, who he's been playing live shows with since last year, seems to react almost instinctively: the militia-like drums push forward, while the guitar chords cast weird and warped shadows.

“I felt like, for now at least, the crest had been reached for the theme of [an] individual playing every instrument on a recording,” Radcliffe told The FADER over email. “It's a noble task with merits of its own, but there's the inevitable sacrifice of the magic that can happen with collaboration. Performing with the group had repeatedly shown a real energy added to the songs. Bringing that spirit of collaborating and the exchange of ideas into the studio felt like the only natural step for us.”

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