Obey The Brave

Obey The Brave

Canada's most exciting, adrenaline-charged metalcore band Obey The Brave have released their album, Young Blood via Epitaph.

"I remember listening to my Pennywise and Rancid cassettes back in high school and daydreaming endlessly about being in a band and touring the world," says lead vocalist Alex Erian. "If someone would have told me back then that I'd sign one day with the label that started it all, I would have never believed it. It feels unreal but my boys in OTB and I are definitely up to the challenge. We're extremely honored to now be part of the Epitaph family and are looking forward to many years of pure fucking destruction together!"

Originating from Montreal and Ottawa, Canada, Obey The Brave is vocalist Alex Erian (ex-Despised Icon), bassist Miguel Lepage, guitarist John Campbell, guitarist Greg Wood and drummer Stevie Morotti. Fueled by passion and a strong DIY ethic, Obey The Brave formed in January 2012 and gained over 14,000 Facebook fans in their first two weeks of existence, all without releasing a single song. Armed with a music video for "Get Real" and a few more tricks up their sleeve, the OTB army is gearing up for a killer year.

Deez Nuts

Deez Nuts is the brainchild of JJ Peters and started after his original band (and pioneering Australian metal-core band) I Killed The Prom Queen decided to split up in early 2008.

Heavily influenced by hardcore and hip-hop styles of music JJ set out to do something different that incorporated both styles of music, thus Deez Nuts was born.

Deez Nuts took a tongue in cheek approach to the often u
p-tight hardcore scene, focusing on the lighter side of things writing songs like 'Tonight We're Gonna Party Like There's No Tomorrow' and 'I Hustle Everyday'.

To date Deez Nuts has put out 2 full length album's and one EP and done countless tours across Australia, Europe and the USA and has a loyal following worldwide.

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