Melissa Polinar

Melissa Polinar

North Texas-raised singer-songwriter Melissa had first embarked on her musical journey when the world was already seeing what it could reap from its digital revolution. Careers were hatched all about by means of viral social media presence and grassroots fueling, which included Melissa during her first steps into the music industry.

She began her career as a YouTuber, uploading several videos which, since her 2008 debut on the site, have garnered millions of views – which, unlike many YouTube-oriented musicians, were mainly focused on her originals rather than any covers. Songs like "Try" and "Meant to Be" solidified her presence on the popular video sharing website as not just a bona fide singer, but an authentic songwriter steeped within poise and sincerity.

A winning amalgamation of Polinar's smooth, soulful vocals, heart-bearing lyrical content, and passionate musicianship had even made music industry veterans and leaders avid fans. Among these industry heavyweights are Questlove, India.Arie, Mark Kibble (of Take 6), Jay Sean, Karmin, Ernie Halter, and Tony Lucca. Polinar's independently released full-length album, 'Calls & Echoes', was produced by another trio of notable forces within the industry: David Ryan Harris (John Mayer, India.Arie, Guy Sebastian), Josiah Bell (Estelle Darlings, Johnnyswim, Mat Kearney), and Jesse Barrera (AJ Rafael, Jeremy Passion, My American Heart). Combining the best elements of her retrospective, honest, and intrinsic acoustic soul and folk stylings, the project truly encapsulates all of what makes Polinar a true artist through her knack for cohesive versatility and heart.

-Jonathan Frahm

Ryan Mitchell Grey

Born and raised in the urban streets of Queens, New York, the 22-year old embarked on a lifelong, music-filled journey that has recently started to grab hold of people's hearts. His father left remnants of his musical past rarely touched inside their apartment home, sparking interest in young Ryan to start tinkering with the household instruments. About one-and-a-half decades later, he writes and records an LP entitled, "On The Stellar Way" and successfully documents his current ability and capabilities in song.

Starting out with a passionate love for poetry during Jr. High School, the desire to write would follow him into his High School years. He would experiment any way he could, just to get the music out. After his cousin introduced him to a Kanye West song in 2003, the interest of hip-hop remained in his heart and mind until he finally started writing lyrics to instrumentals he would find on the internet. Ryan learned how to record on Adobe Audition and used an old computer mic to speak his words and put them out for friends to hear. For the remainder of his high school days he would go through many names and songs until his senior year, when he decided to start writing a bit more organically.

The Post-High School year measured and tested Ryan's soul as the unrelenting search for artistic value brought him to the doorstep of Jesse Barrera in San Diego, California. Ryan became Jesse's first production project and was guided by him during the release of his debut EP, "Surrounded by White Walls". It featured the alternatively driven tale, "Love at a Distance" and the John Mayer-esque styled, "Sun Stole the Shine". After returning to NYC and slowly putting together a band to back him, the dynamics of his musical output began to administer a change in view for his artistic contributions.

"MItchell Grey" became a safe haven, where any thoughts and/or actions would be an artistic conquest and would provide progress to any of it's benefactors. In 2011 Ryan traveled to a few states (including trips to Canada and Australia) giving him the momentum to write many songs which later found themselves in the eclectic record that "On The Stellar Way" is today. Produced by Jesse Barrera, themes of love, heartbreak, faith, and optimistic perseverance are explored with each interesting title every song holds.

Fueled by the fire to spread his music and by the grand hustle his home city of New York has instilled in him, Ryan plans to move minds and catch hearts with every song that flows out of him. With a soulful attempt and an enigmatic approach, his voice has managed to evoke pure emotion from his listeners and supporters. Hoping to make an impact with his music, big or small, on a major scale or in the heart of one person, one thing is for certain... any, if not every impact creates a ripple within him and being able to turn those ripples into waves - will be the biggest key to his success.

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