The Canadian Hyperblasters KATAKLYSM formed in 1991 and spread their first demo one year later Death Gate Cycle Of Reincarnation already obtained recognition worldwide and ultimately led to a record deal with Nuclear Blast, signed in 1993. Demo plus bonus track 'The Orb Of Uncreation' became KATAKLYSM's first official release in the form of the MCD The Mystical Gate Of Recreation, also in stores 1993.

The extreme high speed Death Metal with its very own character shown on The Mystical Gate Of Recreation laid the foundation stone of a new metal style: The Northern Hyperblast. Thereafter, KATAKLYSM presented their very first full length album Sorcery, a revelation concerning fast and brutal metal. The release of Temple Of Knowledge in 1996 topped Sorcery in terms of destructiveness and wrecking energy - a true archetype that bestowed the band great compliment, euphoric critics and several well-visited tours.

On the following albums Victims Of This Fallen World and The Prophecy KATAKLYSM started to experiment with new possibilities in sound and arrangements, leading the critics to name The Prophecy one of the most devastating releases in extreme music in years.

The big question afterwards: Would a further increase be possible? Yes, indeed! With Epic (The Poetry Of War), Canada's finest created a classic, backed with a melodic edge and propelled by extreme roaring power, making KATAKLYSM's star rising on and on. TV appearances and headliner tours pervaded the band's life forward and took them to more than 19 countries all around the world.

In 2002, the release of Shadows & Dust continued KATAKLYSM's success with nine immense ass-kicking tracks, including the extreme hymn 'Illuminati.' The Canadian magazine BW&BK described the album as "a pure holocaust of events as all the planets appear to have lined up for this scar on humanity" and voted it among the best 25 records of the year!

It wasn't surprising when KATAKLYSM hit several top lists with Serenity In Fire, and now with their latest release In The Arms of Devastation, KATAKLYSM's strongest evidence that the Death Metal freaks from Canada have found the receipt of success: Northern Hyperblast at terminal velocity!


Emerging from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alustrium is introducing the world to a new form of progressive death metal. From intense, technical riffs to lengthy, soulful solos, Alustrium creates a unique blend between melody and fierce brutality. In December of 2010, the band entered the studio under the banner of Toil Records and recorded its debut album, An Absence Of Clarity, which was released world wide in the fall of 2011. Following two years of playing shows throughout the northeast of America, Alustrium recorded their much awaited sophomore album; an album containing even more diversity and raw talent than their previous work. Although not many details have been released, fans of death metal and progressive metal alike can anticipate a sound unlike any they have heard before. Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of Alustrium.

ORCUS is a metal/thrash band from the Philadelphia area that started in 1993 Rich Books & Greg Allison are the founding members of the band. Along with Josh Dwell on guitar and Dann Romano on drums ORCUS has opened for many bands in the genre such as Testament, Machine Head, Overkill, Exodus, Hatebreed, Pro-Pain, etc

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