Elvis Depressedly

Elvis Depressedly is the musical project of Mathew Cothran and Delaney Mills.

Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else

The opening chords of Spencer Radcliffe's sophomore album Enjoy the Great Outdoors feel a bit like brushing the dust off a heavy book’s rigid cover. Long forgotten––nearly lost to the ages––it has been stumbled upon among stacks of hardcovers in a desolate bookstore you entered only to ask for directions out of town. The ten tracks on this new full-length employ whimsically skewed songwriting, executed with largely traditional full band arrangements. Songs play off broad contrasting themes to address leaving and returning, uncertainty and knowledge, comfort of stability, and mystery of the unknown.

ETGO finds Radcliffe and Company along the always-open road between home and true destiny, sparkling just off in the distance. Perhaps it is a laid-back, watery, mountainous place where beer flows like wine and a lousy weekend can be charged with a crime. Fanciful yet straight-faced stories address the subjective nature of seemingly opposed destinations––and the potential truth that neither will ultimately meet expectations. Radcliffe urges the listener to ͞see the things there's still left to see,͟ but not without the warning that ͞happiness is not free͟. There is an overall sense of urgency in the narrative, as if the future is slowly sinking over an endless horizon like the desert sun.

For the first time, Radcliffe is joined on record by trusty backing band, Everyone Else. The group first used this name casually when assorted musicians joined Radcliffe for live performances to support the highly-regarded solo debut album, Looking In, released in 2015 on Run For Cover Records. As the band toured together, it became apparent that the onstage chemistry presented magic worth exploring in the studio. Having long included Jack Schemenauer on drums and Grant Engstrom on lead guitar, Everyone Else is expanded to include Ben Austin on cello, Nathan Dragon on bass guitar and keyboard, Tina Scarpello on vocals, and Brennan Zwieg on Rhodes piano. If Looking In presented a lone traveler wandering mapless through a vast hedge maze, then here the group marches forward like a well stocked caravan, hitting the trail in search of good times and hard answers, arms linked and a hopeful spring in their step.

Horse Jumper of Love

Horse Jumper of Love, a slow rock trio of native Boston boys, write intimate, heavy, introspective songs. Despite being in their teens and early twenties, their music shows an understanding of their place in the history of the genre, but offers up a genuinely refreshing, modern take. You can hear nods to 90s outside rockers Duster and Silver Jews, and vocal crooning with a likeness to The Antlers' Pete Silverman. They’re steadily rising through New England's slow ’n’ low scene.

They quickly gained a following in the underground scene, becoming a household name throughout Boston’s DIY venues, playing among such bands as Strange Mangers, Soft Fangs, Mal Devisa, Vundabar and Skinny Bones. In these spaces they were able to hash out the songs that would become their first full length, ͞Horse Jumper of Love͟. Commonly referred to simply as Horse Jumper, the band is truly the collaborative effort of its three members. Singer Dimitri Giannopoulos croons non sequiturs about bagel breath, Sour Patch Kids, and wanting to ͞have a lonely child͟ over the tasteful warble on his guitar. Jamie Vadala-Doran brings a rarely heard level of competence and restraint from behind the drum kit, while John Margaris lays a heavy layer of double-stopped bass beneath the tracks, bringing their sound to distinct lows.

Horse Jumper of Love is an incredibly lean album. There isn’t a superfluous note on the record. It’s carried by lyrics full of dark imagery, shoegazing guitars, drums that almost have a mechanical precision, and lucid songwriting

Us and Us Only

Us and Us Only, a genre hopping indie rock act from Baltimore, formed in 2009 around the core members of vocalist/guitarist Kinsey Matthews, drummer/producer Sean Mercer, and violinist Mike Suica. An initial release of early demos titled “Denim Everything”, led to the music video for “Rapture”, which has since taken on a life of its own, being used for everything from memes, restaurant menus, and presumably one or two band t-shirts. These early demos gave way to their first official release, “Dark Cloud Past”. A few member changes later the band expanded their sound on “Lifting Lake Eerie”, bringing in more layered harmonies and orchestral arrangements. Following this record, the band grew to include bassist Nick Hughes as well as guitarist Dan Windsor. This lineup change brought about their most emotionally charged and sonically concise recordings to date. “Bored Crusader”, an EP released in early 2015 (now re-released on Top Shelf Records), found the band experimenting with loops and vocal arrangements, as well as more melodically driven songs.

The band has since added John Toohey on guitar (of Teen Suicide) and are currently working on their full length debut which will be out in 2017 on Topshelf Records.

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