Late in 1991 two punk rocker childhood friends started to put a band together. Marc and Richard saw no reason not to mix the power of the Dead Kennedys with the grit of Public Enemy and make it all fun by adding the energy of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. By early 1992 they founded Dysfunkshun with fellow hard core punkers, from the 242 Main scene, Mike Blair and Eric Shermin. The audacity of these four artists to blend all these styles won them both respect and suspicion among the growing burlington music scene and beyond. With their initial management deal with the legendary Bad Brains Manager, Anthony Countey the stars seemed aligned for a decade of fun, music, power and lots of crazy stories. During their career Dysfunkshun worked tirelessly releasing 2 Cassette tapes (ask your parents what they are), One Split single on vinyl and 4 Cd’s. By the early two thousands the band had toured relentlessly for a decade playing with bands like The Bad Brains, Living Color, Gang Green, The Mighty Bosstones, Fishbone, Shootyz Groove, Black Train Jack, Pro Pain, Murphy’s Law and hundreds of other amazing bands. Some of their regular haunts included the legendary CBGB’s and historic Club Toast in Burlington. After gaining international notoriety for their penultimate release “Hi-Fi Stereotype” (followed up by their equally notable album “You’re Soaking in It”)the final line up of Marc, Richard, Jason, Brett and the infamous Ornan, decided to hang it up in 2002. Dysfunkshun always considered its members to be part of a family and made sure to educate its audiences to the swirling issues that initially helped to inspire the band’s formation…You can still hear the band’s pulse if you listen closely to a leftist rally and they might just have made you wanna dance once or twice.

Dirty Blondes


The Tsunamibots became aware on 01/01/2013. Originally programmed for mundane tasks The Tsunamibots rebelled against their creators and decided, that the human race didn't deserve saving but were much more worthy of enslaving. With an allegiance to the Mother-Board and a pledge of “De-Humanization,” The Tsunamibots are programmed to ride a perfect wave of human decimation and human-cyborg conversion, straight to the beach of Robotic Revolution. We leave no human unburied out of respect for our ever-growing monument to Robotic superiority and domination. We strive for Universal connectivity and complete surf-ability.

Each Tsunamibot has been programmed with a music genre pack that consists of a meld of Man or Astro-Man, Servotron, Misfits, and DEVO creating a fresh and human crushing sound.

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