Cereus Bright

Cereus Bright

Modern Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Alternative from Knoxville TN

"We want to make honest music – songs about real life, which can be beautiful or messy or both. And we want to connect with people. Whether it's in person or through our music, we want our music to mean something to people."
Cereus Bright was born out of a blind love of playing music. Meeting each other on a porch in Knoxville, TN, founding members Tyler Anthony and Evan Ford connected over a shared passion–connecting with people by writing and performing meaningful, melodic songs.

"We didn't know what we were doing at the beginning," recalls Tyler Anthony (acoustic guitar, vocals). "Evan and I wanted to play music and were ready to work hard. So we made a couple EPs and started travelling around the South playing for whoever would listen. We were learning as we went."

They quickly found kindred spirits in Luke Bowers (drums), Matt Nelson (bass), and Jake Smith (electric guitar). Jazz performers by trade, the trio's musicality complemented the raw energy of Anthony and Ford, and Cereus Bright soon became a five-piece.
"We knew right away that we wanted these guys in the band," says Evan Ford (mandolin, electric guitar, vocals). "Every song felt better with them playing it; we could do more with the arrangements and sound. It made us even more excited to get out there and play."

So that's what they did. In the coming year, Cereus Bright played over a hundred tour dates across the country, opening for acts like Sturgill Simpson, The Oh Hellos, Philip Philips and The Lone Bellow. They released videos racking up over 200,000 views and gained over a million plays.

Brian Revels

Brian Revels is probably most recognized as the brazen voice behind Atlanta, Georgia’s, City Mouse, a bourbon-barreled version of an Avett Brother’s rip-off (in the best possible way). If you know him, you might also tend to picture him holding a banjo. But, long before the birth of this rowdy string trio, he has been scribbling lyrics on scrap paper – restaurant order pads, receipts, check stubs – and picking a well-loved 6-string confidante.

As a performer, he tends to reimagine his songs constantly, delivering the words with an earnestness that is completely true in the moment and therefore never a re-enactment of something tirelessly rehearsed – whether or not it is.

“As far as the show goes, it’s like trying to keep a bird in a cage that won’t latch. I try to stick to melodies, try to be still but it never seems to come out as tame as I’d like it to. But, I don’t hate that.” Says Brian.

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