Max Pain and the Groovies

Max Pain and the Groovies

Max Pain and The Groovies are a five-piece from Salt Lake City, Utah who play rock 'n' roll. The group played their first show at a New Years Eve party and quickly gained a following for their manic stage presence and performances that sometimes included a fire breathing front man. They quickly recorded some demos and started touring around their region, gigging around Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Southern Idaho and Denver and growing a name for themselves in the psyche rock revival scene. In 2012 they won "band of the year" during a contest hosted by Salt Lake's local Alt-Weekly and used the prize money to plan their first U.S. tour. Max Pain and The Groovies self-released a four-song EP on Halloween 2013. The release features scorching guitar lines, hypnotic vocals and a woozy beat. It drones at times and explodes moments later. It's an album you can zone to or dance your ass off too. Max Pain and the Groovies released their first full length Album on New Years Eve via Psych Lake City Records for CD/Vinyl Lolipop records on Cassette and Eager Waves Records for Euro promotion and distribution. 2015 so far has them playing official SXSW showcases and caravan tours with Lolipop Records and Burger Records. Catch them at Lolipalooza 2! Drop out of school and smoke bud.

Cool Ghouls

Although their name is derived from some of George Clinton's Funkadelic stage banter, San Francisco quartet Cool Ghouls have more in common with classic garage and melodic, mid-'60s psychedelia. Former high school friends from a Bay Area suburb, the band consists of guitarists Pat McDonald and Ryan Wong, bassist Pat Thomas, and drummer Alex Fleshman, with McDonald, Wong, and Thomas all sharing lead vocal duties. Mixing the raw, primitive sound of acts like the Troggs and the Monks with the harmonies and sophistication of the Millennium, the group's first release was the six-track Alright Cassette in late 2012. They quickly gained admirers in San Francisco and beyond with local hero Tim Cohen (the Fresh & Onlys) jumping on board to both champion the band and produce their 2013 self-titled full-length. Working quickly, they returned a year later with 2014's A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye. For their third album, Cool Ghouls invited songwriter Kelley Stoltz to produce the sessions. Stoltz also played guitar with the group in the studio, as did pedal steel guitarist Tom Heyman. The album Animal Races was released by Empty Cellar in August 2016.

Satellite Hearts

Combining both the raw, unpolished, and unapologetic sound of today, with the soul of true classic rock; Satellite Hearts is the distinctive sound of Justin Pellecchia (guitar, vocals, and harmonica), Lucas Rinz (bass, vocals) and Keaton Thandi (drums, percussion, and vocals). They provide an eclectic amount of influences with unwavering honesty.

"Trying to pinpoint Satellite Hearts' sound is like running a marathon without any training - it's simply foolish. You can say the Philly three-piece exudes the heart and soul of classic rock, but that doesn't give props to the strands of clap-along sing-song acousto-punk strewn throughout. You can say that they're pure rock 'n' roll, but that doesn't do justice to the rough-hewn climb of '80s indie underground raggedly sewn into their sonic fabric." -Annamarya Scaccia of NYC's Deli Magazine

"Between the percussive clashing and lead singer Justin Pellecchia's sixties psych-rock vocals, Satellite Hearts are what I imagine a Lou Reed-fronted Steppenwolf would sound like." -Julie Miller of XPN's The Key

"[They sound like] The Clash infused with unpolished 80's brat punk that trekked through the 60's while flirting with bell-bottomed psychedelics and heavy rock n' roll jives." -Jerk Magazine

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