Skinlab, Ikillya, PRODUCT OF HATE, Blackwater Drowning, Black Ritual


Skinlab is an alternative metal band formed in Oakland in September 1995 by bassist/vocalist Steev Esquivel and guitarist Mike Roberts; the group also includes guitarist Gary Wendt and drummer Paul Hopkins. The intense, ultra-heavy riffing showcased on their demo tapes got them a contract with Century Media, which issued their debut album, Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded, in 1997. However, both guitarists left the group in the wake of the heavy touring that followed; ex-Skrew guitarist Snake and ex-Killing Culture and Laaz Rockit guitarist Scott Sargeant were eventually brought in as replacements. This lineup recorded the 1998 Eyesore EP to tide fans over; the full-length Disembody: The New Flesh appeared in 1999. Sergeant left the group shortly before they decided to step back into the studio, but Glen Telford was quickly plugged into his spot. Hooking together with producer Steve Evetts, the band recorded Revolting Room and released it in the summer of 2002. After touring with Metal Heavyweights Slayer in 2003, the band went on a 3 year hiatus, but has since reformed.

IKILLYA is the ferocity that follows the moment of clarity created by the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. The human strength of will has been shown to be capable of achieving the impossible, and never is it more focused than when we are pushed to our absolute limit. Creating music has been our primary goal as long as we've had the cogitative ability to have a primary goal and all t...oo often it is in direct opposition to the realities of everyday life.
Our mission is to create heavy music that is exciting to play, forces us each to grow as artists, and elicits raw emotion from the listener. We write from the desperate need for others to hear us and, frankly, play because we are genetically compelled to. Our new EP Recon is a collection of warning shots assembled from our first adventures as a complete unit. Each song represents a point in our mutation and a glimpse at what is yet to come. Recon is the beginning of the war for our lives.
We hope that our songs can be both our own sonic therapy and the knot at the end of someone else's rope. Hang on friends. Your life is in your hands, and as long as you have air in your lungs, you can conquer the world.
Breathe, focus, IKILLYA.


Hailing from the Kenosha, Wisconsin area, PRODUCT OF HATE have been crafting their vicious blend of groove, thrash, and new-wave metal for the past few years. Sharing the stage with some of the biggest bands in metal including TESTAMENT, LAMB OF GOD, GWAR, CHIMAIRA, UNEARTH, MESHUGGAH, JOB FOR A COWBOY & LAZARUS A.D. PRODUCT OF HATE is now set to take on the world.

PRODUCT OF HATE have signed with Austrian Metal Powerhouse Label Napalm Records, and will release their debut album in early 2015. Their new album is being currently being mixed and mastered at SafeHouse Production by James Murphy (Death, Testament, Obituary).

Blackwater Drowning

We are Blackwater Drowning, and we want to be YOUR new favorite band. Formed by veterans of regional bands A Vision Grotesque, Mortufairy, Killvision and Luna's Lament, we blend a range of influences from all over the map. The result is a melodic, yet undeniably heavy sound with something to offer every listener. We could go on and on with your a-typical, bloated and self aggrandizing biography, but we are going to keep it short and sweet (who really reads these things anyway?). Check out our music, hit us up, come to a show, throw down, drink with us…we want to know YOU!

Black Ritual

Welcome to the fierce world known as Black Ritual. Having been around 10 years playing in the local music scene and supporting their fellow musicians, Black Ritual is firmly
grounded in their own unique style. With their original metal, thrash, southern, power groove, and melodic sounds and influences, this band aims to stand apart from the rest. Guitarists Gary Rackley stated, “We just want to make every song its own, our own. For each song to sound
different in more ways than the last.” Forever ready to throw down whether in the studio or on the stage, this band brings the energy and the passion of music.
Coming from Charlotte North Carolina the band is as follows: Charlie Calebro - vocals,
Gary Rackley - guitar
Eddie “E-Rock”Cousins - bass
Brad Sellers-drums.
With all members having a rock solid history in playing live music, they bring heavy rhythms, blood curdling vocals, chunky guitars, and a stage performance that’s sure to get the crowd pumped and moving.
In 2008 the band released their debut album 1,000 Yard Stare.
Black Ritual has shared the stage with bands such as Exodus, Corrosion of Conformity, Obituary, Cradle of Filth, Butcher Babies, Nonpoint, Joey Belladonna from Anthrax, Fear
Factory, Adema, Carnifex, and Hate Eternal just to name a few. One thing that the crowd can be certain of is that they are going to see an amazing and unforgettable show by this band. Black
Ritual has created their mark in the metal scene and will continue to do so for years to come.

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