The Office Trivia, Part 2

IQ 2000 Trivia

With over 2000 Facebook followers, IQ 2000 is by FAR the biggest trivia company in Vancouver. Past events include sold-out shows at the Bilmtore Cabaret on Friends Trivia, Seinfeld Trivia, The Office Trivia, Rick and Morty Trivia, Arrested Development Trivia, Broad City Trivia, and many more. IQ 2000 is has twice been trivia provider to the Vancouver Canucks and in 2017 was voted Trivia Night of the Year by readers of the Westender!



Are you a little stitious? Ever declared BANKRUPTCY? Do you occasionally hit somebody with your car?

Well book some time off with HR and activate Threat Level Midnight because IQ 2000 is revisiting Scranton PA for another round of THE OFFICE TRIVIA!!

Accept no imitations! IQ 2000 brings you the BEST Office Trivia night in Vancouver!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take –Wayne Gretzky” –Michael Scott…so don’t miss YOUR shot at eternal Office Trivia glory!Want a table? Register your team by emailing iq2000trivia(@) with your team name, ticket confirmation number, and number of players (your team cannot EXCEED 8 players)!**

Registration does not guarantee entry. Please purchase a ticket before registering.

PRIZES including a set of CUSTOM INSCRIBED DUNDIES STATUES for 1st Place! Signed Dunder-Mifflin Paper Reams!
Costume Contest! Trivia with IQ 2000!


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