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Raine Wilder is one up-and-comer with his eyes squarely on the charts. The Toledo native is a Hip Hop artist with a Punk Rock edge, and has been writing songs for 15 years plus. Raine will slide seamlessly into today’s Hip-Hop /Pop radio landscape when Wilder takes his game to the next level, as he seems determined to do.His rhymes reveal a man who is ready to claim success.

With his love for every style of music, you can HEAR his versatility. With his love for art, you can SEE his creativity. And, with his drive for success, you can FEEL his hunger. He has been through all kinds of ups and downs. Lived every type of life and escaped every bad situation he's been put in. He has overcome many obstacles and achieved a lot with what little he had to work with. He has gained fans, literally saved lives through his lyrics, and has always honored the true art form of music. Nothing will stop him and his motivation. Nothing will get him down. And nothing will break him. He has the uniqueness of the greats, and the mind set of a champion. If he falls, he get right back up and doesn't waste the time to brush the dirt off.

Raine has already shared the stage with acts such as Mike Posner, Game, Coolio, GZA from Wu-Tang Clan, Kanye West’s protégé Big Sean, Three Six Mafia’s artist Lil Wyte, Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly, and the list goes on. When Raine performs live he doesn’t use a hype man, just him and his mix master DJ Kut~Off. When they are performing in England, or when travel is possible they are joined my their live drummer, England native, George Millward. It’s not your typical Hip-Hop show either. Wilder brings the hype and energy of a rock n’ roll show whether he’s using the top of the bar as his stage, jumping off the speakers or swinging from the rafters. At the 2011 Toledo Music Fest Raine climbed on the rooftop of Toledo’s ‘Headliners’ to perform a song and created a historical moment for the music scene in Toledo, OH. He IS here. He IS NOT leaving.

Raine recently returned from the Live My Life Tour (Jan.15-30 2012), This self funded, self set up tour gained him 4 live BBC Radio One interviews, got his single "I'll Take Everything" spun on 30 BBC radio stations, multiple shows through out England including 2 in London, and gained him fans that went absolutely nuts at every show and immediately were requesting for his return as soon as possible. "I've seen 1,000's of shows over the past 10 years and his was right up there with the best of them" said Mark Page, the host of the Linnet & Lark Sesh in Hull UK after Raine and Co. performance. All of this has been documented on his YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/rainewildermusic.

Jonathan Anderson writes:
"Raine is a true professional. I've had the privilege of knowing Raine since he was a teenager. As the booking/promoter in the Toledo Music Scene I've met a lot of musicians and created a lot of friendships, but none quite stick out like my relationship with Raine. From the very beginning his drive and diligence stood out amongst the rest. His overwhelming energy filled every conversation with optimism and a very lively spirit. With an industry so filled with a mixed bag of individuals, you always know what you are getting with Raine: a true professional dedicated to his dreams. He's relentless and has his head on his shoulders. He's a great promoter who is working to build himself as a brand, and he will succeed. Whenever I needed to create hype around an event, Raine was the first person who came to mind. I'd honestly recommend Raine in any line of work because of his work ethic. Get him to commit, his word is bond, and he will deliver!"


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