Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich is a Phoenix, Arizona based thrash metal band that formed in 1985. Part of the second wave of thrash along with Testament, Death Angel, Destruction and Dark Angel, Sacred Reich has produced a catalog of politically charged aggressive music that has stood the test of time. The band plays a limited amount of shows each year and can be seen performing at several European festivals each summer.

Byzantine is a heavy metal band from Charleston, West Virginia, that was formed in 2000. As of March 2016, the band consists of front-man and co-founder Chris "OJ" Ojeda, Brian Henderson, Matt Bowles and Sean Sydnor.

Hailing from Dallas TX, PROTEST is known for one thing, an unrelenting, no bullshit metal onslaught on stage. The band effortlessly blending it's thrash roots with a modern twist of hardcore and denim shredding old school metal attitude. Formed in 2003, the band has shared the stage with such acts as Obituary, Unleashed, Prong, Goatwhore, Incantation, God Forbid, Skin Lab, Devastation, Kill the Client, The Destro, Carnifex, Cough and Venomous Maximus. The latest album, The Corruption Code is out now!


Five musicians united by a deep love for heavy and groovy death metal. The result is what we like to think of as a very unique death metal sound with firm roots in the old school sound (Death, Grave, etc.) mixed with the new school sound (such as Dying Fetus and the "'slam" sound), with a lot of thrash metal influence and some technicality.



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