Motograter was formed in 1995 and is most well known for their namesake instrument the “Motograter”, a mysterious contraption designed with industrial cable, guitar pieces, and other components, to create a unique, low, distorted bass sound. The band is widely known for their image, notorious for covering themselves in tribal style body paint. Motograter toured on Ozzfest 2003. Motograter has also toured with Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Chevelle, Disturbed, Ministry, Nothingface, Kittie, Mushroomhead, Cradle of Filth, Killswitch Engage, Chimaira, Shadows Fall, Voivod, and many more.
They recently performed Knotfest 2014, alongside Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Danzig, Anthrax, and more; followed by National Tours with ILL NINO, DOPE, FLAW, AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE, AND HED PE.


Chronological Injustice

Still in the prime of their youth, these phenomenal musicians have already shared the stage with huge acts such as Nile, Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Soulfly, Decapitated. EYEHATEGOD, Goatwhore, Soilwork, Powerman 5000, Cattle Decapitation, Brujeria, Metal Church, Destruction, Within the Ruins, Havok, and Lorna Shore. In 2016 they reformed out of the ashes of two of the top Metal bands in the Northwest. From Seattle, Unhailoed members merged with C.I. to create a dominate force in the Northwest.

The National Guard

Late in 2015, The National Guard formed in Seattle, Washington. Perhaps imperfectly slotted into the “Rock” category, the band consists of Nick Pollock (My Sister’s Machine, Soulbender, Tanks Of Zen), Erin Tate (Minus the Bear), Chris Quinn, (Truly, West Section Line) and Nick Rhinehart (Jerry Cantrell, Bam Bam). The band has years of collective experience playing locally, nationally and internationally.
Inauguration Day, their first release, is dedicated to narcissism at its finest. Originally titled “Narcissus,” this song morphed quite naturally into “Inauguration Day,” a nod to the colorful & boorish characters present in today’s Divided States of America.

Bleed the Stone

Bleed The Stone is a hard rock band emerging from Tacoma, WA. BTS has been a force in the local music community since 2013, with two hiatus periods. As individuals; Michael Stone (vocals), Eric Weber (bass), Justin Hodge (guitar), and Jeran Plumacher (drums) have a wide variety of musical influences.
Each member has come from another band originating around the Seattle/Tacoma area. BTS will be recording new material in the summer of 2017, hoping to share an album with their fans by September.
They have shared the stage with a number of great bands! This includes acts such as DOPE, Motograter, American Head Charge, Mechanism, American Wrecking Company, Element A440, Pacific Drive, Toy Called God, and many others. With no boundaries,
BTS can be seen at any kind of show; whether it be hardcore, funk, rap, pop, rock, or anything in between. Bleed The Stone continues to play alongside and support all different genres of music.


Rest, Repose

Rest Repose is an Alternative Rock band from Seattle, WA. Combining de-tuned, heavy guitar riffs with soaring, melodic vocals, the bands message is one of positivity and unity. Featuring YouTubers Jared Dines (drums) and Fluff (guitar) the band put out their debut Sleep City EP in December 2015. Rounded out by Josh McDowell on bass and Tony Cappocchi on guitar, the band completed the Sleep City Tour in late July 2016.

Salem Knights

Metal. Complete with more Metal. Founded June 2013, Seattle, WA

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