The Morelings, Gingerlys, Holy Tunics, Sun Hat

The Morelings

The Morelings began entrancing audiences with their ethereal dreamgaze in the summer of 2014. They then joined forces with Kyle "Slick" Johnson of Fancy Time Studio to record their hypnotic and shimmering debut EP, "No Sign." Released in January of this year, "No Sign" has been called "a blissful maelstrom of sound." The Morelings recently released their first official video, "Less, " directed by Bob Sweeney, which uses a monochromatic film tint framed by a dark pinhole camera perspective, invoking a timeless dreamscape. Flitting, multilayered images of vocalist/bassist Kedra, ordered estate gardens, a blooming tropical solarium, and scenes rushing past a setting sun in an anonymous train's window are all set against lush guitars and ethereal vocals. The off-hand glamour and mystery of the repeated images reinforce the song's soaring, swirling atmosphere and stay in the mind like pictures from a dream half-remembered upon waking. Amidst tour dates on the East Coast and in the Midwest, The Morelings began recording their first full-length album with Philadelphia producer Jeff Zeigler (Nothing, A Sunny Day in Glasgow).

Described as "pure ear candy," the EP starts off with "Jumprope" which quickly introduces what Gingerlys are all about -- songs filled with fuzzy guitars, dreampop melodies, guitar hooks galore and Maria's soft sultry vocals. The second track "Summer Cramps" switches from dreamy to jangly, a summer pop anthem that is insanely catchy. The B-side opens with the head-rush breakneck speed of "Better Hearts" and closes with the delightful Felt-ish guitars of "Set You Off".

Holy Tunics

Nick Rogers
Jeremy Sampson
Matthew Billington
Davey Jones

Sun Hat

Sun Hat is a band of grownups formed in Philadelphia earlier this year. One guy said one of their songs kind of sounds like Deerhunter.

$7.00 - $10.00


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