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Sheer Mag

The mythos of Sheer Mag begins like so many other celebrated rock 'n roll bands of yore: with two brothers. Following in the tradition of The Bee Gees, Oasis and The Allman Brothers, the brothers Seely conspired to create a rock 'n roll band to end all rock bands. The sheer magnitude of the endeavor required the recruitment of a daring drummer, a fearless lyricist and a diva who could party good AND write the rent check. With the pantheon assembled, MAG quickly recorded and released their debut 7" to cosmic acclaim. The band now stands poised on the brink of world domination or complete destruction. Is it Punk? Is it Rock 'n Roll? We'll leave that to the music "critics." But it is punk.

'Fuck yuppies, fuck slumlords, fuck cops and the rich—make no mistake, this is the message Sheer Mag wants you to hear. It's coded into their lyrics and built into the young Philadelphia band's blown-out grooves, which match swaggering soul force with a defiant punk spirit. Sheer Mag might reference 1970s classic rock every time they holler and shred, but their gnarled, whiskey-fueled pop-in-miniature is of a singular breed: There aren't many contemporary bands you could imagine unironically covering "Sweet Home Alabama" while some bloody-lipped fan stage-dives. Such is the essence of Sheer Mag's raw power.' --Pitchfork

Perhaps its because I've been listening to them near non-stop for so long now that it's all just blurred together, but at the time of my writing this, I can't seem to recall the moment I was first turned on to Baltimore's Wildhoney. Fortunately, everything else about them is immensely memorable. Effortlessly combining wall-of-sound power with delicate passages and gorgeous vocal melodies, Wildhoney simply have a wonderful knack for balancing blasts of distortion and dense textures with beautiful pop tunes and chiming guitar work. So it's with a great deal of elation that I am announcing that we'll be releasing a new EP for the band later this year!

The EP — which the band is currently recording right now — will serve as the follow-up to their debut full length album, Sleep Through It, released earlier this year through Deranged and Forward! Records along with 2014's Photobooth Records effort Seventeen Forever (which is where we initially got hooked on them, and is a great place to start if you've never listened to them before). When pressed to describe the direction of the new material, guitarist Joe Trainor simply states,"the [Topshelf] EP we are working on now is very uptempo and noisy" — which is fucking fine.

The group formed in late 2011, aiming to write pop songs with the energy and malcontent of hardcore punk, but without its entrenched masculinity — drawing influences from '60s girl groups, '80s post punk, indie pop, and shoegaze. The five-piece has since become one of the loudest — and sweetest — bands in its hometown of Baltimore.


Feedback fundamentalists; scuzz pop aesthetes; "new age rock band" Weed have arrived with their debut LP, Deserve. Emerging from the most far out/blissed out enclave of Western Canada (Vancouver, B.C.) and its enduringly fertile DIY scene (which has, over the past decade, spawned too many great bands/artists to list here), Weed have been a favorite of ours for quite sometime. Led by guitarist/singer/visual artist Will Anderson and his buddies Kevin Doherty, Hugo Noriega and Bobby Siadat, Weed have been burning minds of all shapes with their brand of sludged out West Coast youth music since their inception. Having been around for the entirety of this decade, Weed have dropped a couple of now-legendary 7" EPs (With Drug / Eighty, and Gun Control, both released on their very own "Cruising USA" imprint) and have embarked on four (!!) North American tours. Recorded and engineered with Seattle wiz Dylan Wall, the nine tracks that comprise Deserve display the band at the peak of their powers – their most melancholy and melodic; blissed but shredded; tuned but atonal. This is liminal rock music for liminal times, gang, and we are honored to be a part of this journey.

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