Maryland Loud Fest Day 1

Goodbye July

Goodbye July is a cultivation of ideas, experiences and passion that is expressed through songs with real life poetry and melodic guitar hooks. Their debut E.P., titled "Mariam Pass", recorded and produced at Deep End Studios by Tony Corelli, will be released in early 2016. From the crunching, angst ridden "Sorry That I'm Not" to the beautiful, yet gut wrenching "Guardian Angel", the band covers more ground in one E.P. than can be typically expected from a debut album.

The collaboration of Goodbye July reunites guitarist Tim Wallace and bassist Heath Brown, former members of the Baltimore based band "Of Broken" and adds drummer Pat Perry.

The Control

The Control is an original Modern Rock/Alt band from Annapolis Maryland founded in the summer of 2010. The bands current line up since January of 2011 consists of musicians from different parts of the country (and the world) united in writing and performing exciting music that is current, relevant, and will make you move and want more.

Dead City Empire

Kan Of Worms

Kan Of Worms is a groove oriented metal band from Baltimore, Md. Originally formed in 1998, the band played many shows at numerous venues in the MD/DC area. Studio time also produced a 2 song demo "Hookers From Hell/Unknown". The band disbanded in 2000 with hopes of reuniting in the future. Back together in January 2016, the current lineup has brought back the same intensity, drive and determination that was present back in the day. With songs written with timeless lyrics that still pertain today as they did 15 yrs ago, KOW is looking forward to reintroducing our early music, creating new songs, and most of all, playing live shows and getting back on the pulse.

Stone Brew

Formed in May of 2015, consisting of John Wayne on Vocals, Chris Granville on Guitar, Kody Vaughn on Bass, and George Southerland on Drums. Together they create the heavy and groovy sounds of Stone Brew. With a Blues and Rock n Roll inspiration thrown in with a twist of doom and sludge, the aggressive tone of Stone Brew will have you begging for more.


An up and coming thrash metal band out of Port Deposit, Maryland that plays with fierce energy and high speed intensity.

Enemy Within

Forever The Dreamer

Forever The Dreamer is a six piece metalcore band hailing from Halethorpe, MD.

Black Rose

Black Rose is a five piece Hard Rock/Melodic Metal band from Calvert County, Maryland. We are a fusion of melody driven metal riffs combined with classic rock style vocals and tons of energy on stage. Playing our music across the Maryland Virginia area is all part of the fun with the hope to some day share our music with the entire country.


Ostraka is a progressive metal and rock band from Cecil County, Maryland. We like to think of ourselves as a eclectic style taking influence from bands such as Tool, Metallica, and Pink Floyd. We include instrumental segments and acoustic guitar into our songs while projecting vocals along the styles of Maynard James Keenan, Layne Staley, and James Hetfield. Ostraka's songs revolve around many different topics ranging from philosophy to literature to alien abduction.

It's true, drummer Owen Duff does vocals, and we don't have a frontman. But the energy and soul bleeding out through the amps makes up for the lack of fake personality dancing in the front of the stage. We are one of the few bands to have a drummer as the lead vocalist while sporting one guitar and a bass on the stage, and we make a hell of a lot of sound. Our songs are unique, boiling with blistering riffs, and stand out in an endless sea of artists.

We'll make one promise- we bring freshness to the table


Divera is a two piece band consisting of Charlie Gresham-Guitar/Vocals, Dylan Greveris-Drums


Sycamyre Is a band that pulls from many styles of metal to create its sound. We play gigs mostly in the Cecil County/Baltimore/Delaware area. We have a debut album out already and will be recording one coming soon in the summer of 2017

$12.00 - $15.00


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