Pop music is a bloated, rotting corpse and The Wicked Shit is the undead pulse hidden deep within. If you look into the shadows, past the smoke and mirrors of MTV and playlist radio, and into the cold, hard streets, you'll find the underground of music. A place where innovation thrives and inspiration drives. Unapologetic, unique artists have carved a niche for fans fed up with the glamour-mag faces and spoon-fed lyrics of modern music, and offer them something more.

Where most rappers celebrate the urban lifestyle with the same old themes and the same old image, Twiztid peel away the gloss and expose the innards. With an oversized butcher knife. They take the hard edge of theatrical rock-and-roll and temper it with gritty hip-hop to create a musical monstrosity so dangerously real it must be hidden with facepaint. These aren't casual gangsters; their painted personas let them explore the darkest corners of the human psyche, from superhero fantasies to horror film legacies. With their ruthless raps, they can explore every recess of their audience's experiences, every sentimental reflection and every sinister urge. By becoming something unreal, they are free to be real. Whether it's on-stage devastation or home stereo infiltration, Twiztid's music will take you somewhere you've never been before. The scariest part is when you don't want to come back…

Body Bag Syndikate

The origins of the Body Bag Syndikate are not set in fact. Truthfully nobody really knows where the hell these two came from, or what the fuck is wrong with them.
Its rumored that they are estranged brothers that grew in the womb of their mother who worked the Cyclone at Lakeside Amusement Park. Under the hard working conditions she was not able to take paternity leave. Working through her entire pregnancy only to miscarry them and toss their remains into the lake where they mutated and thrived off of popcorn, old chewing gum, dead fish, and discarded shoes. This assumption holds little fact other than the photographic evidence of the very short lived "ZOMBIE BOY'S" attraction that put two sickly looking infant boys on display at the end of the house of mirrors obstacle. there was apparently a lawsuit filed when somebody was injured by way of assault. also Lakeside is a well visited spot for the B.B.S. boys. but same with every other Denver resident.(lakeside=dope).
Another famous rumor of Anthraxe and his "brother" Grudge is that they where both local rappers that stumbled into a brothel that was dabbling into the art of black magic and alchemy, having both being bit by "infected/possessed" prostitute's and thus transformed into whatever it is they are today. A variation of this story is that they were both hanging out in a strip club where the lunch break for the pole jockeys (strippers) had a nice dose of mad cow meat hamburgers. Which caused the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. which is the term used for what happens to humans when they ingest mad cow meat. there is no factual proof of these 2 rumors other than the fact that Grudge holds some similarity to Graffix of the infamous band DENVER CITY KILLAZ, and Anthraxe resembles another well known local artist by the name of AK. (weve looked into this myth, and AK is much more heavy set then Anthraxe and Graffix has been in prison for many years)
More entertaining stories of the boys roots fall into speculation/conspiracy theory leading to government corruption and the Rocky Mountain Meltdown incident that happened in Colorado some decades ago. This holds some truth. Although the details are classified, its believed that the primary hazardous chemical found at that meltdown site was a re-animation agent known as "DC-1911" that the government was harvesting as a weapon during the cold war era. Facts relating this to the B.B.S. are that there physical symptoms seem to support this as well as the 1911 markings found on the side of Grudge's head and Anthraxe's hand. These markings have also been seen on other victims around the Colorado area as a result of government experimentation.
When asked, the boys choose to joke about their back round and place of birth. Anthraxe insists he and Grudge are the result of a freak sewer accident. Involving a used tampon, and a old tossed out condom. That some how found each other in a sewage system and they were both conceived inside a tallboy can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. while Grudge finds this hilarious Anthraxe stands by it whole heartedly. When we asked Grudge about what he thought his true origins were, he vomited on our tape recorder and some of it splashed our sound director, Don. ( he later complained of fever and was reported missing after he attacked his wife Michelle and is still wanted by authorities)
Which raises the question further...
WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE TWO!?! How is it these two are able to somewhat control there actions and violent instincts? Yet appear contagious enough to infect people that come into contact with them? does it only just begin with the music they produce? What is the D.E.A.D. pandemic that seems to be infecting Denver's underside/nightlife? Other local "DEADITES"/ underground faces being infected are speculated to be the group's "Brutally Vicious Killaz"/ 'Red Army Soldierz"/ "Primos"/ as well as there fans and affiliated members.
Alot of questions go unanswered, but what seems to be relevant is that the D.E.A.D are here, they are spreading... and the outbreak is inevitable.
Before leaving our interview with the B.B.S. duo, they bid farewell by saying "piecez" instead of peace, and then screamed in unnatural tones, after Anthraxe flipped me the bird and called me a bitch.


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