Egrets on Ergot

"Up next was Egrets on Ergot, who took proceedings sharply into a 1970s glam rock direction, complete with big Bolanesque riffs, plus lewdly whooping vocals and sax licks from barefoot and coyly creeping frontman Adam Brooks. These four pretty much picked the audience up and wrung its neck. People began to dance and shout and my mind dragged me back, back, all the Proustian way back to a time of raw sugar breakfast cereal and jumping up and down to Sweet records. Programmed thus, I began to dance as well. This band’s commitment to the total rockist blitzkrieg aesthetic is a noble thing to hear in this watery pop-ridden age and the now-capacity crowd let go of them with loud reluctance."

-Ron Garmon, LA Record

Sister Mantos

When Sister Mantos takes the stage, their psychedelic blend of latin beats, punk attitude, and funk rhythms invigorate the crowd to dance, sing and rejoice. Sister Mantos sings songs about love, QUEER & POC empowerment, and utopias that are free of war and oppression.

Healing Gems

"They’re a drink of LSD-tainted punch at a small town dance, like scratchy bargain basement records that still surge fire. While influenced by sounds of the past, Healing Gems aren’t just a nostalgia act pining for days of yore. It’s an eclectic symphony that results in a unique original sound, an approach that utilizes the best parts of the past but leaves the really dumb shit out, replacing it with unique original concepts instead.

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All proceeds will benefit the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights Los Angeles.

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