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Baker Man

Andy and Michael started Baker Man in the throes of an exhausting graduate school experience- to preserve a little sanity through blowing off some creative steam each week. Their first fan was a 7 year old boy living in Andy's neighborhood who knocked on his basement window to tell them they were doing a really good job. From there, Andy and Michael's confidence grew, bringing in original drummer Tom and guitarist/vocalist Andrew to flesh things out. The band's writing seemed to outpace the number of shows they were playing (you get that when you've got three songwriters at work), continuing with this pattern in fall of 2013 when new drummer Evan replaced a departing Tom.

The band's creative influences start in the 80's and 90's American underground, and from there tend to travel wide, but without straying too terribly far from a common love of 90's indie, punk, and shoegaze. After allowing some for their sound to gestate, they dubbed it as "Shoegazi," with varying levels of amusement from people who've heard this joke. They've never gotten the same comparison twice- from Archers Of Loaf to "R.E.M. meets Mono," Baker Man try to explore all the music they love and connect with, and don't shy away from trading off instrument roles either.

The band is in the stages of mixing a six song EP with Philadelphian engineer/producer extraordinaire Jeff White (Northern Arms, Cardillo). Look for a release in the fall!



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