Alison's Live Album Recording & Bday Party!

Alison's Live Album Recording & Bday Party!

I recently recorded my debut stand up album in San Francisco and it was fine but I felt like something was missing. I realized that missing feeling was my motherfuckin friends. I need to do it again - not in a stuffy comedy club but in a legit dive where I used to host an open mic. VERY ON BRAND. Mario will be there bartending. Give it up for Mario.

It will also be my birthday celebration because I don't like planning multiple events at once. So stay after the show and dance. We're going to have dancing.

Joining me on this line up are...

Megan Koester hosting
Danielle Radford
Solomon Georgio

That's it! Short show. Party after. Silverlake Lounge. 9PM. Show up. Invite your friends. Cucks welcome.


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