The Dougouts

The Dougouts

Rust Belt Rock n' Roll is alive and well, and this Toledo trio is proof to the drunks that doubt it. Since the release of the full-length "C'mon Let's Go", the Dougouts have been jamming the faces off of music fans and barroom regulars alike. Consisting of guitarist and vocalist Doug (The X-Citerz, The Rev-Upz), drummer Kev (Porn Flakes, Lazy American Workers), and bassist/vocalist Snarl (13, Blackeye (5), KKV, Undertaker), the Dougouts are gearing up to drop yet another album of rock n' roll jammage.


An experiment in music, brought into creation by three exceptionally odd individuals - hammering, soldering and fusing different musical ingredients into something wholly unique, but with a groove that rings familiar.

Canceled Out

Tear Off/Clean Up



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