Altered States Presents: WAX FUTURE & FRIENDS Featuring BLOCKHEAD at Silk City

I'm Blockhead. I was born and raised in downtown manhattan. I make beats. I've worked with a bunch of MC's (lots with Aesop Rock, Murs, Cage, Mike Ladd, and a bunch of others). I also do solo instrumental hip hop type shit on Ninja Tune Records .

My first album "Music By Cavelight" is now approaching triple platinum and I'm thinking of buying a jet . Both of those statements are incredibly false. But what is true is that I'm also one half of the critically acclaimed (if acclaimed means despised) Party Fun Action Committee along with my homeslice Jer. It was a comedy album put out by Def Jux. It is also , possibly, the best worst selling album ever made.

Since then, I've made four other solo albums, worked with a bunch of rappers, toured a lot and I'm still here.
My newest album, "Interludes after midnight" is out now. You should totally check it out. Seriously.

Wax Future

Comprised of Connor Hansell, Keith Wadsworth and Jamal Rab, Wax Future is a mosaic of modern electronica. Blending elements of everything from funk to glitch through a live, improvisational lens. Taking from further roots in hip hop and soul, the Philadelphia group is constantly expanding upon its original thesis, while effortlessly maintaining a cathartic focal point of sound.

Blue Future is an independent electronic music artist from the Chicago area, who was trained by aliens to create electro hiphop music from the future, and to unleash it on planet earth.

After releasing over 5 albums in the past two years, In 2017 Blue Future is in the middle of his most massive project yet.
Releasing 15 straight weeks of new music creating the full length "After Tomorrow LP"
Starting April going through July 2017

$17.00 - $20.00


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