Kurt Hunter, The Hawkline Monster, Steve Maggiora

Originally hailing from the New Orleans area, Kurt Hunter now resides in Southern California. Kurt has played music in over 35 states, and 5 countries. His songs have been featured in airplanes, movie theaters, and national television. His most known appearance to date is an Esurance commercial where he got "animated" by the team at Esurance. Kurt has released two full length albums and countless singles and covers. His music has also appeared on MTV's Teen Mom, Auction Kings, Delta Airlines, and Fox promotions. He describes his sound as a blend of Jason Mraz and James Taylor. Kurt is known for his upbeat and quirky personality and dynamic shows. His songs are instantly singable, and will quickly make their way into your daily playlists.

The Hawkline Monster

If you were to spin a globe of Earth and randomly put your finger down on the first thing it hits, it would most likely end up in the blue of an ocean. That very spot where you placed your finger is where you would find The Hawkline Monster and their music, having a salty cup of coffee with Jacque Cousteau, Paul Simon, Gordon Summers, The Beach Boys, Charlie Hunter, and practically every other person in their iTunes catalogue at the moment that they fancy. It's a deep list, probably just as deep as the Mariana Trench. There they are, gathered around their table, just talking to each other—and hey, if you don't like what they've got to say, it's okay. Maybe you should think twice about spinning a globe and putting your finger down just anywhere, mimsy-pimsy and such. Shameful. Anyway—where was I? Oh yeah. That's where you would find them all: sipping their drinks, sharing stories (well as best they can—they're all under water), and drowning in an endless ocean of free association. Yeah, they sound like that.

Steve Maggiora

Steve Maggiora is a multi-talented musician currently living in Orange County, CA. From studio to stage to screen, he has entertained audiences in 30 states and on 4 continents, performing in schools, bars, theatres and arenas, as well as several music festivals across these United States of America. His passion and drive for music has led him to work with top artists and industry professionals.



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