Sannhet (Record Release)

Founded in late 2010, the instrumental trio known as Sannhet has amassed a diehard audience within Brooklyn, NY's broad underground music circuit through their abundant live performances throughout the borough, always choreographed with electrifying visuals. Known Flood, Sannhet's sprawling debut LP, features nearly forty-five minutes of their electrified post-metal, fueled with domineering riff-building movements and intense percussive hostility, unifying in a slightly blackened and trance-inducing atmospheric style, captured by Colin Marston (Krallice, Behold… The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia) and mastered by Carl Saff.


“Like a Rorschach test, Miserable’s minimal yet epic approach to music will intensify your inner psyche.
If you’re feeling good about life right now, you’ll probably feel uplifted and empowered by her crescendoing slow drumming that seems to build forever.But if you’re in a dark place at the moment, you’ll likely be floored by the sadness behind her shoegazey, melancholic singing.”- Noisey

Planning For Burial

Blackened slowcore project from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania


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