Avalon Steel, Knightmare, Vanlade, Seax

Avalon Steel

A young band playing old school heavy metal! Carrying the torch of the gods of the metal: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio, and many more.

Heavy metal with influences of thrash, power, and doom. Soaring vocals over thundering riffs that make you want to bang your head and raise the horns.


For fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Preist and Testament.

Storming out of the gates from the get go, Knightmare was created to rock your mind, and give you a blast from the past, with a good touch of modern and pioneering sounds. Giving you slamming drums, killer bass, and of course, the twin tower attack. An act that you will not so easily forget. A live show full of energy and passion for music. Raise the banner and smash down the gates! Lets bring back the days of heavy metal.


Formed in Kansas City, Kansas in 2006, Vänlade has forged its sound with nothing less than the desire to conquer the globe to bring their brand of true heavy metal to the masses. With a style rooted in traditional, speed, thrash, and power metal, music fans young and old can rejoice in this fresh sound. Riff-mad, piercing guitars, blood boiling vocals, thick, galloping bass, and ground shaking beats combine to serenade the metal warrior in all of our hearts to his eternal victory. Each show is an energetic display of technically precise sonic power - complete with denim, leather, flying hair, and banging heads, all honoring the true metal gods. Spread the word and let it be known... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, PREPARE FOR THE STRIKE!!!

To all the Vänlade Legions out there... Stay true! Stay heavy! STAY METAL!

Worcester MA Speed Metal

$8.00 - $10.00


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