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What began as a sonic experiment between two longtime collaborators has turned into a nationwide phenomenon. As the originators of live and improvised EDM, multi-instrumentalists Michael Travis and Jason Hann stumbled upon an undeniable combination, blending cutting edge computer technology with raw musical talent. They've taken their 100% improvised sets to clubs, theaters, and festival stages across the country and beyond. While Travis handles on-the-fly looping with keys, guitars, and synths, Hann holds the beat, balancing live drumming duties with vocals, effects, and live remixing. The impressive array of high-end gear makes the EOTO setup look more like the nerve center of a space station, than the staging area of a totally unique musical adventure. Even with all the high tech toys available, the feat is still difficult to fathom. Jason Hann and Michael Travis walk out on stage without songs, pre-programmed tracks, or any preconceived notion of how the set will unfold. They just dive in.

$16.00 - $20.00


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