Shoot & Show ft. Holy Wars, The Crazy Brave

Holy Wars

Holy Wars embodies the feeling of darkness and light through its loud, jarring chords and theatrical movements. This feeling is described as the Holy War that constantly lives within Kat Leon. She has been on stage since childhood through dance, theater, talent shows, and anywhere else she could get on a mic and spout off in front of people. In 2015 both of Leon's parents passed. Experiencing this loss changed everything for Leon. She took a year off of music to figure out how to move forward and how to survive as a newly crowned orphan. She would find her reason to exist again by taking this feeling and writing for others who feel abandoned or outcasted. There is a Holy War in Kat Leon. "She was wearing black tights and with her platinum blonde hair, she looked like a cross between Michelle Pfeiffer and Debbie Harry, dancing though the thick fuzz produced by the guitars, which was building an impenetrable dark wall of sound.... ” -ROCK NYC"There was this almost orchestral, layered version of their songs on one side, and then this gut-rock, protest version of their songs on the other. Both were equally powerful but did not share the same DNA with each other”-Blurred Culture


The Crazy Brave

Rock n' roll roots embellished with swirls of pop and psychedelia, driving rhythms and colorful harmonies. We surf the sound waves we make. (fka The Space Race)



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