Worldtown SoundSystem

Worldtown SoundSystem

Worldtown SoundSystem is a high-energy live music experience uniting the spheres of electronic dance music and world rhythms with live, organic instruments. Performing soulful, energizing house music compositions while showcasing influences from Afrobeat, Latin rhythms and classic funk, this electrifying 8-piece band boasts a seasoned cast of musicians from around the globe. With members from Jamaica, Nigeria, Brazil, Alabama, Vermont and Philadelphia, Worldtown Soundsystem exemplifies a diversity of global cultures unified through music and art.


FutureType is the brainchild of producer Miles Felix, singer Chris Bruffee, and rapper DJC. Stumbling across a buried stash of beats produced by Miles years ago, the longtime friends from Montpelier, VT, and Brooklyn were inspired to bring the music to life. Assembling a crew of talented NYC-based musicians, they sought to bridge the gap between dance-inducing DJ-Electronica and animated full band performances. Now, FutureType's potent sound comes from driving beats laid down by live drums; sharp horn lines; funktastic guitar; soulful vocals; and crisp hip hop verses.

Worldtown DJs

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria and Vermont, USA, Worldtown International’s founding members DJs Ben Arsenal and Oluwafemi have been wowing audiences with their seamless integration of electronic music and world beats since the duo’s inception. Their sets feature the best of international dance music, smoothly mixing house, Afrobeat, funk and dancehall into a non-stop groove that motivates dance floors around the world.

Spinning throughout the night!

$10.00 - $12.00


All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

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