The Milestones, Luna June, The Fun Boys, Copper Marmalade, Stevie Matthew's Analog Kids

The Milestones

Rock music gets compartmentalized a lot. Punk, Indie, Classic, Grunge – some bands define one particular genre and others are able to mix and mingle the differing characteristics of each. The Milestones give us music that meshes the best qualities of each genre and provide us with solid rock sounds that doesn’t need it’s own specific category. They’re a little bit in-your-face like punk, they’re a little growly like grunge, and they get you moving like indie-dance rock. The Milestones are simply a ragtag bunch of indie-dance rockers looking for cheap thrills and parlor tricks!

Luna June

Five Balti-morons making groovy, harmonic music!

The Fun Boys

Hey! Hey! It's The Fun Boys, Baby! I stole a motorcycle to impress you! We had a cool dance party! Everyone was wearing sunglasses! I broke the roof! Oops!

Stevie Matthew's Analog Kids



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