Cruel Miracle, The Stops!!!, DiNola, The Scrapes

Cruel Miracle

Cruel Miracle is a Rock N' Roll band from Boston, MA.

The Stops!!!

We are The STOPS!!! From the small town beach resort in Intercourse, PA., where the ladies are ladies and the men are happy to make them fresh butter made from whole Milk, yes, it is a fun town. If you were to throw your favorite old school 70’s Punk Rock tape into a blender with half a pint of Blood, half a pint of sweet and the script to your worst nightmare then you might start to get a picture of the songs we sing about my ex-wife ( not from Intercourse, PA. ), Vampires and Strippers. Influenced by the bad decisions we make while on tour and the tapes that keep us going, such as the Dead Boys, Backyard Babies and Whores to name a few.


New Orleans based rock band. DiNOLA recorded its first album at Rancho de la Luna studios with Producer Dave Catching. Released Mardi-Gras 2012. Touring in a city near you!

The Scrapes

WALLY, MATT S., WILL, MATT C., HOWIE, Scrapes formed late in 2008, Matt Sandanato and Howie went to a benefit at Middle East Cambrigde MA. At the time Gang Green local punk icons were on a mandatory court issued hiatus, so Matt asked Howie to get together write some songs. Matty Scrape (Gang Green) and Howie enlisted the help of Walter Guftason (Gang Green,Mung,Outlets and plenty of other great Boston bands) to come out and drum,when looking for a drummer ask the best.So Wally's on board. Will Carroll accomplished bass player and friend signed on to hold the bottom,then while drinking in a bar (Great Scotts one evening Howie runs into Matt Cherette who asks to try out on guitar long story short the kid fit right in, turns out to be a excellent guitar player! Look out for new record soon to be mixed!


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