From the beach town of Dana Point, California, south of LA, Seizures own their own brand of next-generation mathcore – dark, complex, adventurous. Born in the shadow of the elder Orange County scene (Adamantium, Throwdown, Eighteen Visions, that whole circle), Seizures are closer in spirit to bands like Rorschach and Coalesce – bands that pushed hardcore into other dimensions, that embraced complexity not as an exercise but as an exorcism. Standing on the shoulders of those giants, Seizures catapult the genre into outerspace, displaying an absolute freedom of musical ideas. Double album The Sanity Universal is a massive sonic experience, as vast as the starscape on its cover.

As American Aftermath's perfect 10/10 review described The Sanity Universal upon its original 2013 release, the sound encompasses "the grimy dissonance of Gaza, the frenetic riffing of Botch, and the uncontrollable structures of The Dillinger Escape Plan.

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