Will Csorba

Will Csorba

"Will is a prolific young Texan of the resurgent American Primitive guitar school, already several albums and EPs deep. His work takes a cinematic approach to the discipline, frequently guiding the listener from its roots in old-time and blues through modern drone, raga, pastoral and experimental styles. Csorba plays close attention to compositional elements in his pieces, enhancing the idea of his music as a journey, but isn’t afraid to use improvisation as one of those elements; the songs rarely wind up where the listener expects, but whether it’s by intent or chance only Will can say."

Lebo Jenkins

Lebo Jenkins was born July 4, 1961 and has been growing, breathing, drinking, and playing banjo up unto the present day. He performs alien appalachian, old time tunes, and american primitive compositions on banjo and scordatura guitar along with other instrumentation and noise collectives. Word singing too.

Andy McLeod

Andy McLeod is a musician and visual artist currently living in Philadelphia. Inspired by the work of Jack Rose and Pelt, Fahey and Delta Blues, he taught himself how to play finger style guitar in open tuning and experimented with mixing it with drones and contemporary psychedelic music. His new album "In the Light of the Day" includes original guitar compositions and further explorations of Appalachian string-band music



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