Wendy Bevan

Wendy Bevan is a Vocalist and violinist. Her debut solo album Rose and Thorn produced by Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague)has been released in September 2016 on Kwaidan, & !K7.

Cellars is an 80s-influnced, synth/pop project founded in 2013 by Allene Norton. She grew up with a love of music and self-taught guitar, piano, and bass, and eventually obtained adegree in audio engineering. After taking classes in production, synthesis and remixing, she began experimenting with home recording of synth-based pop music which eventually grew into the songs of Cellars. Not only does Allene write and arrange the songs, she is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and engineers and mixes most of her recordings. Cellars was founded after a move to Los Angeles in 2013 in order to bring her home recordings to the stage. Cellars’ live set has taken on many iterations ranging from solo sets to a full backing band. She recently toured the US with IAMX (Chris Corner, formerly of Sneaker Pimps' solo endeavour) and is also currently a member of Ariel Pink's backing band. She also worked with Ariel Pink and Don Bolles (of The Germs) who produced her 2016 release,Phases,which was featured on Pitchfork, Spin, and other notable music sites as an underground-pop favorite.Influenced heavily by the music of the late 1970s and 1980s, Cellars’ music harkens to the age of early digital experimentation with a modern twist. Following the success of her recent tour and album release, Cellars is currently working on new songs for an EP release due out Spring 2017."perfecting a photocopy of not just sounds, but affects and emotions that don't feel of this time."-Pitchfork"crystalline vocalsgliding over glossy, ascending synths" -SPIN

At the heart of Pom Poms lies the striking presence of the sharp tongued and beguiling front woman Marlene. She’s a force to be reckoned with on stage, with vocals that can eerily raise the hair on your back, and then without notice, crank up the distortion in a voice that harkens back to some of the great soul singers of the 1960s with a new edge. Her dynamics are extreme and masterful, and her songs vacillate from driving garage rock anthems with a modern flair like “Go Go”, to slow build grooves like the Lynch-esq “Lost My Head”, all of which feel made to to soundtrack a raucous late night outing sure to bring equal parts ecstasy and regret.

Finding a kindred spirit in multi-instrumentalist and producer Billy Mohler after a chance encounter, the songwriting duo built jam sessions into gritty songs with razor sharp lyrics. “Honestly Billy and I were just having fun being spontaneous and documenting it,” recounts Marlene. “I’d bring my own personal experiences, covering the spectrum of emotions from yearning, loss, perseverance, sexuality, playfulness and just having a good time.” The sessions would sometimes lead to off the cuff improvisation, both musically and lyrically, aiding the raw and emotionally unguarded feel to the songs on Turn You Out.

While writing the melodies and developing a live show, Marlene turned to influences both musical and visual, drawing from The Sonics, The Monks, Connie Francis and Nancy Sinatra. When it comes to the visual aesthetic, Devo, the Twilight Zone, and Ernie Kovacs are the perfect background to accent and showcase the music.

Turn You Out will be released on May 12th via Make Records. Stay tuned for further information on Pom Poms in the coming weeks.

The first single “Euphoria” struts from an arena-ready beat and snappy riff into anunshakable and undeniable falsetto-driven refrain. Mixed by Manny Marroquin [KanyeWest, Rihanna, Sia], it’s the perfect introduction to their sound.“It’s literally about having a good time with someone and describing that person aseuphoric,” the singer reveals. “You’re finding pleasure and a good time in someoneelse—whether it’s sexual or not. It tends to be sexual though,” he laughs.Elsewhere, “Reckless” builds from a sweeping synth into an overpowering and anthemicchant cheering on, as Max puts it, “people on the outside or who feel like they’re on theoutside.”Ultimately, these RUMRS have the potential to be shared for a long time to come.“When people listen to us, we just hope they have a good time and want to dance,” Maxleaves off. “We’re super into this and having a blast. We want that to come across.



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