Scott Mickelson, Zion Rodman, Phil Holub

Scott Mickelson

In 2013, San Francisco artist Scott Mickelson celebrated the release of more than five full-length records with his band FAT OPIE. He continues to paint both musical and lyrical portraits of contemporary life as an American. Known for eclectic arrangements and far-reaching production, he produces music with a finger on the pulse of the fragmented culture here in the U.S. This is most evident on the latest release Victoryville hailed as his most important work.

Mickelsons' writing has evolved over the years. The debut CD Biscuits was a grunge rock record which brought the band a management deal with Lookout Management (Neil Young). The follow up release Hipsters, Freaks, Fags & Homeboys introduced the banjo, which is now a significant part of his sound. This, combined with their rock sensibility, brought FAT OPIE well deserved national recognition. The alternative rock CD Airstream triggered some of the biggest successes including the song "Bullets in My Briefcase" which won a national band search sponsored by 7UP/Sonicnet (MTV). This included a prize of $15,000. Also the song "Mouth Like a Trucker" was featured in the motion picture Along The Way.

The music stopped for several years when Mickelson became seriously ill. After recovering in 2009, the first new single New Orleans led to an international distribution deal and a re-release of the FAT OPIE catalogue. In 2010, they began performing again. The critically acclaimed fifth cd Victoryville was released in 2013.

Mickelson has toured more than 30 cities throughout the US and will release his debut self-titled record in the fall of 2014.

Zion Rodman

Zion Rodman grew up in Cape Cod and lives in Boston. He plays the guitar, bass, piano and drums. Current projects include recording his debut record, "You're Invited", playing shows, and co-hosting a closed mic series in his apartment that features local, talented musicians from the Boston area.

Phil Holub

Phil Holub is a Boston-based singer-songwriter of the jazz/pop/folk variety.

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