Soulful punk rock from the USA.

Lucky United

Lucky United is good old American, heartfelt punk rock n roll. Not slick and predictable but rather raw, hard and true. Jenn's voice which takes the best parts of Joan Jett and Courtney Love along with the superb songwriting creates a style that is emotion laid bare, bitter and sweet, toughness and vulnerability sprung upon us all at the same time.
Lucky United is crafted to reveal and evoke emotions, trimmed of the excesses and poised to hit hard and strong into your guts and mind. The music is energetic and pushed with bravado but also stutters with a sensitive uncertainty. Lucky United fits nicely in rotation with Social Distortion, Tom Petty, Gaslight Anthem, Gameface, Loved Ones...


Jimmy plays guitar & sings, Brian just sings, Rachel taps that bass and Joby beats those drums hard!

Dogtooth MA


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