Harlow's Monkeys and Michael Weinstein (Double CD Release Celebration) - Private Parlor Show (($10 before & $15 day of show))

Harlow's Monkeys

Some bands are born out of the desire to look cool and get laid. Some bands just happen. Harlow’s Monkeys is certainly the latter; fronted by Bay Area native, Tommy P, he teams up with New York City’s sister duo, King Willow. The result is a lush weary sound that’s introspective, yet abundantly hopeful.

Tommy’s lyrical style is very simple, yet is capable of addressing with full poignancy the heart of the matter, whether it's unrequited love or the existential ennui that plagues us modern humans. People often comment on the ambiance Tommy’s songs have on a room, whether it's slightly unsettling, welcoming or humorous, it can’t be ignored, and won’t fail to make an impression. Harlow’s Monkeys is a band that functions around the idea that music should be provocative and true. While some may claim that we are “post the truth," Harlow’s Monkeys firmly believes that all beings recognize truth when they see or hear it. This band’s music will take you through the journeys or emotions that you may have long forgotten, or that you’re currently going through.

In any case, listeners will often finish a Harlow’s Monkeys record feeling refreshed by the archetypical stories funneled through the quirky yet provocative voice of Tommy’s writing fleshed out by various good friends and musicians that make up the San Francisco music scene.

Michael Weinstein

Singer, Songwriter, Spy: Michael Ian Weinstein (missed connection: singer/songwriter in search of stage name) ultimately considers himself a folk musician. The 24-year-old writes songs primarily on acoustic guitar and vocals while trying to sidestep the many clichés of the genre. While developing a sound and identity of his own, he grew up performing around Marin County. After some years out East, he now pursues as many opportunities and relationships around the Bay Area during the hours after his day job. He is currently trying to write and share his music with as large a consensual audience as possible.

His lyric-centric, finger-style folk music aims to weakly carry the torch of artists like Leonard Cohen, who affected him deeply and irrevocably. His embarassing angsty love songs are often the inelegant attempts at balancing simplicity and eloquence, kind dignity and humorous self-effacement, that which is as disturbed as it is beautiful; songs that pretend to be, at least. Lumpy like paper maché faces made with the squishy stuff left over from some futile, absurd search for the those hot truths that we all feel wordlessly, while a tv show plays in the background. Long live long sentences, breathless to express or evoke the simplest of feelings. Mostly meaningless and therefore meaning everything, Michael's songs are open to his own interpretation. And also Michael gave in and writes about love and stuff, it seems. The singer/songwriter can't help himself.

This is his first professionally recorded collection of songs, and aims to be a snapshot of the music he's been writing but scarcely recording since his first and widely acclaimed live performance at his own Bar Mitzvah eleven years ago

$10.00 - $15.00


$10 before and $15 day of show online and at the door.

Private Parlor Shows are open to all friends and fans of The Lost Church and the performers.

Seating is first come, first served. We recommend you buy in advance to ensure being a part of the event (parlor shows often sell out), but you can also try purchasing at the door on the night of the show.

Online sales are active until 9:30pm the night of show (unless sold out). You can purchase tickets right at the door using a card via your phone and the above Ticketfly.com link. That old-fashioned cash is also accepted, of course.

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