Little Strike

Little Strike

Little Strike is the alias of Middle Eastern-born musician and multimedia artist Tamar Dart, based currently in Philadelphia. The project feels like a collage of organic and inorganic sounds, with acoustic guitars that conjure West African finger styles, melted together with murky keyboards, atop a bed of grimy beats. The vocals aim to first hunt then tame, encouraging the listener to go on a nostalgic walkabout. Together. Will a friendship form?

If not for a chance meeting at a house party in East Atlanta one night in 2013, Amber Renee might never have met Graham Marsh, and the pair might never have evolved into CLAVVS, a musical partnership fronted by Amber and produced by Graham, the four-time Grammy winner behind artists like Gnarls Barkley, Kid Cudi, and T.I.
CLAVVS crafts subversive alt-pop that floats in the fringes between fantasy and reality. The duo inhabits a realm of dark, hypnotic soundscapes driven by lush, spacey synths and world-music inspired percussion. With Amber's sultry, at times eerie, vocals cutting through the organized chaos, CLAVVS' brand of brooding trip hop blends the riotous with the fantastical.


As an experimental electronic pop duo from Philadelphia, Tygerstrype meddles with rich layers of electronic manipulation, fuzzed-out synths, and reverb tinged textures all propelled by an ominous microhouse impulse. Poetic vocals inspired by the social shockwaves generated in the arab spring are visceral and ethereal to the human heart and ears.

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