David Cone & Alannah McCready

David Cone

David Cone is an Atlanta-based singer/songwriter who blends the ambitious themes of folk music with the rhythmic sounds of pop and R&B.

After completing a four-year tenure as a quarterback at the University of Michigan, David moved to his home state of Georgia to pursue music and film making. Influences include: Citizen Cope, John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jim Croce, James Taylor, John Denver, and Buddy Holly.

Alannah McCready

Few musicians can say that they have previously been pro-level athletes. Three years ago, modern country singer-songwriter, Alannah McCready, made a big decision to leave the world of sports behind to pursue her lifelong love of music. Now, the Atlanta, Georgia-based artist debuts with a masterful modern country album, Love Hangover: A full-length brimming with infectious hooks and cleverly emotive storyteller lyrics.

“Music has always been a huge part of my life, alongside my career in hockey. In high school, I sang the national anthem in my full hockey equipment and then skated to the net and played the game,” she says with a good-natured laugh.

Alannah McCready was born into a rich lineage of hockey fanatics. At 10 years old, she emerged a promising hockey goalie; by college age, she was fortunate and talented enough to parlay her skills into a scholarship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by winning two National Division 1 Championships as a goalie for the Badgers in Minneapolis. Post-college, Alannah played in two NCAA Division I Women’s Ice Hockey National Championships, as well as the WCHA (league) championship.

But before hockey, there was music. Since age four, Alannah was a prodigious singer who grew up surrounded by country and modern country music, realizing early on that she could sing just like the vocalists on country radio. Concurrent with each victory on the ice were prestigious singing engagements, including singing “The National Anthem” for the Twins, the Timberwolves, as well as dozens of other sporting events. Upon graduating college, she embarked on a promising career in sports marketing, but fatefully decided to cut that path short, and finally commit fully to a career in music.

“The discipline of sports prepared me for music in that it gave me drive and structure. It stuck with me in terms of realizing I am not going to go anywhere unless I have self-discipline and put the work in,” she reflects.

Alannah’s innate talents and her fierce determination earned her the opportunity to work with award-winning Nashville publisher, Dan Hodges, and renowned Los Angeles-based producer, John Fields (Pink, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus). Through creating collaboratively with each producer, Alannah was able to mine a unique aesthetic that blends infectious radio-ready hooks and emotive narratives with modern country swagger.

Love Hangover is loosely themed around a short story Alannah wrote about romantic relationships; that narrative is reflected in her writing, co-writing, and her choices of outside songs. “A lot of the message comes from self-reflection, realizing that in unhealthy relationships there is a dynamic that both people have power over—no one is the victim, we all have the power to make decisions to stay or go,” she reveals.

The leadoff single, “I’ll Be Your Whiskey,” with warmth, wit, and a soaring chorus unpacks a universal story of ill-fated love. “That’s about falling in love with your best friend, and worrying if you say anything, you’ll ruin the friendship,” Alannah confides. The uplifting pop-twang of “You Can Keep That” is a post-breakup anthem.

The thoughtfully written collection is sweetly balanced by the fizzy electro-pop of “Back of A Taxi,” an unflinchingly optimistic love song.

Currently, Alannah is preparing to play the album live with her new band and officially release Love Hangover. Reflecting back on her winding path to music, Alannah says: “My mom recently sent me a picture of 7 year-old me wearing a cat suit and performing at the talent show. It was hilarious, but when I look it, I think it’s crazy that even then I sort of knew where my life would end up, in music. Now, I am so excited to share my music with people. I’ve waited a very long time for this.”

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