Sir Richard Bishop

Sir Richard Bishop

As a founding member of Ethno-Improv Pioneers SUN CITY GIRLS (1981 - 2007), Richard Bishop has spent the last 26 years perplexing, amazing, and alienating audiences. In early 2005, Sir Richard Bishop began extensive touring as a solo artist, performing throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States, armed with only an acoustic guitar. One can perhaps recognize the influences of Django Reinhardt, Jimmy Page, and Ravi Shankar in his playing, though he has fused these and other influential elements into his own unique style.

Sir Richard's solo guitar explorations often reflect the shadow worlds of India, the Middle East and other points along the Gypsy trail. Expect a fair amount of improvisation during live shows, plus there is always a chance he will perform some rarely played Sun City Girls pieces.

Robert Millis

ROBERT MILLIS has been a member of the lauded underground bands Climax Golden Twins and AFCGT, a solo artist, and a frequent contributor to the Sublime Frequencies label. He has scored long and short films, created sound installations, produced and designed audio projects, and released many LPs and CDs, including the heralded Victrola Favorites book and compilation released on Dust-to-Digital in 2008. MILLIS says his work "veers haphazardly between sound art, music concrete, instrumental, improv, field recording, song and collage. I have a deep interest in folk and traditional music, so imagine Pete Seeger trying to cover Revolution 9 by the Beatles."



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