Acts of Kindness Cabaret

Acts Of Kindness Cabaret is a volunteer, not-for-profit association of professional performers and technical artists. Our mission is to provide professional cabaret performances, largely free of charge, as fundraising events for other Chicago-area non-profit organizations. In doing so, we also introduce new audiences to modern cabaret.

We offer 1- and 2-hour shows as benefit events. In addition to the performance itself, we provide sound and lighting equipment, technical staff, set-up crew, ushers, and printed programs. We work with each benefiting organization to find a suitable venue and to promote their event, primarily to their supporters. The benefiting organizations sell tickets and, less reimbursing us our nominal expenses, keep all the proceeds.​ Learn more.

​We fulfill the artistic portion of our mission by fulfilling the philanthropic one, and vice versa. It is simple kindness from us to the non-profit community and those they serve.

$25.00 - $30.00


Upcoming Events
Copernicus Center