The Cryptkeeper Five

The Cryptkeeper Five

The Cryptkeeper Five are a Rock & Roll band from Trenton, New Jersey.

City Mouse

Riverside, California. Soulful punk rock from the USA.

The Up! Up! Ups!

We're just four kids with a love of the finer things in life- power pop, rock and roll, and animals dressed like people. We mostly stick to the first two.

Erotic Novels

Shannon Perez (known in the New Jersey scene for pouring her heart out as principal songwriter and vocalist for Don Juan Destroyer and I Hope You Die, and Side Bitch, and as the bass player for post-punk dystopian firebrands Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun) brings her trademark honesty and grit to her latest project, Erotic Novels. The music of Erotic Novels takes the heart-on-sleeve honesty of Perez's previous projects and mixes them with the sensibilities of guitarist and co-songwriter Chris Tull (Philadelphia punk rockers the Hellstroms, the podcast Weekend Quality with Chris Fabulous). Tull's guitar playing adds an abrasive and up-front style not unlike Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker.



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