Jonathan Edelstein, Lucian Buscemi and Julian Bennett Holmes are Fiasco, a Brooklyn trio formed in 2005.Native Canadians, an instrumental follow-up to their self-released 2007 debut God Loves Fiasco, was released on October 14th on IMPOSE Records. Known for their chaotic live shows and technical proficiency, they've been described as a mix of punk, noise, and math rock, and have traveled to Austin, TX, as far as Sarajevo, Bosnia, and have toured the US. However, their favorite places to play are their friends' houses.

Press: "God Loves Fiasco, a 23-song debut on the band's own Beautiful imprint, is a startlingly good way to get your teenage kicks.... Incendiary guitar work, drum thrashing and perceptive lyrics... echo everyone from a hormone-drenched Sonic Youth to a youthful-sounding Slint. Standout "Nothing to Lose" trods on classic indie rock aesthetic a la Pavement... proving that punk rock and teenage boys go together like PB & J." -Spin

"God loves Fiasco, and so does Insound. These three NYC teens are creating ferocious punk with completely tight time signatures that sounds well beyond their years. Sonic Youth meets Shellac meets Lightning Bolt meets awesome. They destroy live too!" -Insound

"Brooklyn's Fiasco rock the rapid-fire punk strums played at eighty-eighty miles per second... to create orchestrated chaos.... There are 'kid bands' and then there are bands who happen to be kids. Fiasco are the latter. This is no Menudo.... Make no mistake, this is punk rock. But there's definitely a Strokes-y element to their vocals that make their noise pretty melodic, too.... If Thurston Moore likes Be Your Own Pet (which he does, since he signed them) then he will LOVE these guys." -Oh My Rockness ("Band We Like")

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