The Donuts, Morning River Band

The Donuts

The Donuts return to action after a one year hiatus with their “Still
With Her” Tour 2017. The ‘nuts (as their several fans call them)
formed in 2001 in the Spectrum parking lot prior to an ACDC show. The initial lineup included J. Bearclaw, Fathead, Johnny Taint, and Peter Extravaganza. The latter two quickly succumbed to drug addiction and were replaced by Burdman (rhymes with Turdman) and Don “Don” Noodle. Percussionist Chuck Vadge joined shortly thereafter. The Donuts have
released 6 lps on the venerable Chapter 7 records. While relatively unknown in their own backyard, they have been recognized on both an international and national level. Playgirl magazine called them “the best unknown band in America” while Young Spartacus added that “the ‘nuts rock like safari chimps on acid.” For the current “Still With Her” tour, the Donuts have unveiled an entirely new lineup including Johnny Gentle (vox, guitar), Don Gately (guitar, “vox”), Orin Incandenza (percussion and vox), Hal Incandenza (bass), Mario Incandenza (drums) and Renee Marathe (keyboards).

Morning River Band

Philadelphia's premier pessimists, Morning River Band sing simple
songs of doubt, death, and denial for those with broken hearts, broken bodies, and broken minds. RIYL George Jones, Jim Beam.

The Stammer

Four piece post rock band from Philadelphia, Pa.

The Stammer is made in the future and a space ship is stuck near Neptune. The Stammer is very sad because his wife has died. When they go to the space ship, they find that everyone has killed themselves, and it all looks very scary. Then they find out that the ship has been to another dimension and it is like hell and everyone sees their worst nightmares.

The Stammer sees his wife in his dream, and she tells him to pull his eyes out. The Stammer then walks around without any eyes and starts to kill people. They send him out to space, but he does not die. People get very scared. Even when they kill The Stammer, they still see him.



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