After 15 years, 2000 shows performed, and over a million albums sold with his band SILVERSTEIN, frontman SHANE TOLD is finally ready to take a stab at his own solo project.

"Silverstein is, was and will always be my first love" Told explains. "But now I feel determined to do something all on my own. RIVER OAKS is 100% my own work and ideas, and as scary as it is to go it alone, it's exciting and empowering to put my all into these songs and really put myself out there."

Shane is known as a ferocious performer for Canadian Emo/Hardcore/Punk staple SILVERSTEIN, where he performs as a stand alone lead singer, and often "lead screamer" as he calls it. But the absence of screaming in this project is something he welcomes, as well as having to focus on all the instruments performed on the recordings. "It was nice to be able to form these songs starting out just on an acoustic guitar like I have been writing songs all my life. Then build the song and add the instrumentation as I see fit. Playing drums and bass and keyboards was a lot of fun in studio as well as I haven't gotten a chance to do that since I was a kid. And as much as it's fun to jump around on stage and scream my head off every chance I get, it will be equally fun to stand with a guitar and really pour my soul into these songs."

The name RIVER OAKS is based on the community in Oakville, Ontario, Canada where Shane cut his teeth playing in punk rock bands in local youth centres, YMCA's, high schools, wherever they would let a bunch of punk kids put on a hardcore show. He continues: "The name is a real throwback for me, and it describes the bygone era of my youth when it was all about setting up shows locally and the culture that surrounded it. RIVER OAKS isn't just where I grew up, it's how I grew up and it's what has shaped me as a person."

RIVER OAKS is signed to RISE RECORDS (USA/International) and NEW DAMAGE RECORDS (Canada) and will be releasing a 3 song self-titled 7"/ Digital EP in early 2016, and a full length album later in the year.

Do you really need to read this?
I love to write music and perform songs live.
I'm not into covering pop songs.
I'm not into lighting kits.
I hate drums.
Love JT

Heavy Things

Will Deely is a songwriter from the Columbus, Ohio. Growing up in the suburbs of a large city known for it's exceptional music scene and arts community, Deely has been performing at many bars, garages, and basement shows. Much of his start was touring w/ nationally renowned artists City Lights, Spencer Sutherland, and Carter Winter. Throughout the duration of these tours, Deely was able to sharpen his skills on and off the stage. Now a solo artist, Deely combines the elements of rock sub-genres punk, alternative, and classic rock/blues to his arsenal of sound. Mostly attributing his inspirations anywhere from John Mayer, Eric Clapton to pop punk legacy bands New Found Glory and Blink 182. In December 2016, Deely recruited members Alex Giles, Chris Heidel, and Casey Costello and formed Heavy Things. Be on the look out for the debut album, "Goner" dropping March 17th 2017

Mark Rose is a singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL who plays his own blend of blues-infused rock and progressive pop. Front man & key songwriter for rock band Spitalfield from 1998-2007, Rose has made a name for himself as a versatile songwriter and performer. "If the name Mark Rose isn't familiar to you, clearly your MP3 collection needs an overhaul," says Rob Ortenzi of Alternative Press Magazine.

Kat Kalling, singer/songwriter, is a Wyoming native living in Sin City. With influences in country, punk, and R&B, Kat Kalling has a sound that is big with emotion and often receives comparisons to vocalists such as Hayley Williams and Loretta Lynn. Kat’s style, vibe , enthusiasm and passion are sure to strike up emotion in even the most void of places.

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