Thirty Silver, Dead Harrison, Jack Romanov

Thirty Silver

Formed in 2014, Boston’s Thirty Silver combines thundering drums, scorching, sludgy guitars, and a primal howl to create their own brand of punk and metal-infused rock n’ roll. Blending the White Stripes and Black Sabbath with a dash of Zeppelin, the duo of Drew Smith (guitar/vocals) and Joe Z(drums) live by a DIY ethos, booking their own tours and forming their own label, Tux Cat Records, to release music without compromise. In 2015 the band fired its opening shot, an instrumental single, “Dark and Sinister Man, Have at Thee!”, recorded live at WMFO in Tufts, followed quickly by a five song EP, “Lost Saints”, in early 2016. The band has toured the country several times, ranging throughout the East Coast and the Midwest.

Dead Harrison

Dead Harrison is a doom rock trio from Nashua, New Hampshire. The band consists of Drae - lead vox/drums, Shawn - guitar/vox, and Jason - bass/vox. The music isdark and emotive, with melodic, down tempo grooves, yet a high-energy performance. The creative direction of the band reflects the stylistic elements of classic horror, and the gothic sub-genre. with a futuristic tinge of the post-apocolyptic The art and music thoughtfully express concepts of life, love, death, and the end of the world. Dead Harrison has been compared to bands such as Type O Negative, Misfits, Sisters of Mercy, and Black Sabbath. Dead Harrison's premier album is The Story of the Mortuus Ortus, (2014), In 2017 they released their version of Bad Moon Rising, and are currently recording a six song EP, titled All for None.

Jack Romanov

When all four members of Jack Romanov started studying at Suffolk University in the fall of 2012, none of them could have predicted meeting each other and practicing in the cramped up basements of downtown Boston.

After running into each other while trying to use a practice room at Suffolk, Luke Bergamini and Nico Renzulli quickly became friends and started playing together. While both students were multi-instrumentalists, Renzulli took care of the drums while Luke jammed out on the guitar. Bringing metal, classic rock, and blues influences along with them, they started searching for a bassist and a charismatic singer to add on to their jam sessions.

Along their Suffolk class they found the theater and A Cappella backed singer, Nick Aikens and bassist Sean Egan. The four quickly settled on a direction and started playing and writing together.

After a few months however, Egan decided to leave for personal reasons while still remaining friends with the band. With a growing list of upcoming shows, Bergamini found and recruited Esteban Cajigas to the band.

With each member coming and growing up in a different part of the country, (Aikens from New Hampshire, Bergamini from New Jersey, Renzulli from LA, and Cajigas from Florida) all four members brought a different tone to the band, particularly Aikens with a pop-driven edge.

With their self release of their "Get Some Sleep" EP and shows in Boston, New York City, Somerville, Jack Romanov is trying to get their name and sound out for anybody who is looking for a new band.

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