Secret Nudist Friends

Secret Nudist Friends

Secret Nudist Friends is a psych/garage power trio out of Philadelphia with strong ties to the Brooklyn scene. Their sound is the love child of 60s rock and the modern garage revival, while constantly being inspired by the sounds coming out of Philly and Brooklyn.

The Big Drops

60's Pop Psychedelia, Sunshine Folk

Honeytiger is a two-piece alternative band that hails from Philadelphia. Their music provides a seemingly impulsive duality of garage-rock and mercurial pool jumping that energizes the crowd, makes them weep, and has them wagging their tails. From soaring falsettos to guttural screams over big drum beats and catchy guitar riffs, Honeytiger has an unusual combination of intensity and melancholy that is usually reserved for slow motion car crashes.

In 2015, Josh Glauser (drums) and Isaac Clark (guitar/vocals), having known each other through mutual friends for a year or so, came to the realization that they had a musical connection. In Josh's parents' basement in the northeast suburbs of Philadelphia, they started working on what would be a massive summer project that Isaac's brother, Jamie Clark, would help record and produce and eventually become their first album "Half Clean" which was released in January of 2016. Likened to The Strokes, Spoon, The Black Keys, and The Arctic Monkeys, Honeytiger brings a punch to their live show that connects and leaves a mark.

When Ships Collide

High energy garage doo-wop. A forty in one hand, guitar in the other, and a cigarette between the teeth.

$7.00 - $10.00

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