George Clanton

George Clanton

Formerly known as Mirror Kisses and ESPRIT 空想, George Clanton has decided to finally go by his own name and merge the two personas into one project, combining the vocal and New Wave/Chillwave elements from Mirror Kisses with the ethereal, hazy and lo-fi Vaporwave elements of ESPRIT 空想, which results in an absolutely beautiful new sound altogether. On his latest album, "100% Electronica, Clanton's warm and glistening synths glide over immensely satisfyingly punchy percussion, with George's passionate and effects-drenched vocals seamlessly blending in with the instrumentation, making every track feel like an anthem for a summer that never ends. So far, this album stands as a testament to how far George has come as a musician in general, and a promising glimpse at the direction his music will take in the future. If this is truly any indication, the future seems incredibly bright.

Negative Gemini

"Lindsey French has been making music for a long time but her latest offerings as Negative Gemini is something much different. As a founding member of the label 100% Electronica, moving past the mechanical magic of this year's promising Real Virtual Unison, French's lead single "You Never Knew" finds Lindsey going full-blown pop, albeit in her own unique way. The first single off Lindsey's upcoming album, Body Work, Lindsey has put herself and her label in an amazing position." -­Pigeons and Planes

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